16 December 2005

Brash and racism

There has been plenty about Frogblog's statement that Brash made racism acceptable in New Zealand and linking Orewa to Cronulla. David Farrar has responded with many comments in reply, but my key point is this, and it is the reason Brash got so much support - NOT anti-Maori racism, which exists but not at the levels the Maori Party and the Greens think (which should please them):
Why is it racist to want the state to have laws, and for its tax and spending policies to have no correlation whatsoever to race?
Why is it NOT racist, to give special funding, or special consultation rights to individuals purely because of what their ancestry is?
Why should anyone be judged on their ancestry, at all?
Why not judge individuals on their deeds, alone?
Racism is mindless collectivism, and it exists both with the fascist/neo-nazi "right" (as seen in the brainwashed blonde twins) and with the neo-Marxist collectivist "left", and with religious fundamentalists of ALL creeds (Islamic, Christian, Jewish etc.).
Most on the "left" are proudly anti-racist and get fired up when they think of apartheid, the old racist laws of the American south, Nazism and the corporal punishment of children speaking Maori at school.
What they don't realise is that most people on the liberal "right" have the same passionate loathing of racism.

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