22 December 2005

National MP shows her Nanny State credentials

It didn’t take long for the new National caucus to start revealing its own Nanny Statists. Jacqui Dean, newly elected Otago MP has launched a petition for a review of the legal status of party pills.

Whaleoil saysWhilst I can see where she might be coming from, and can see how it might be a popular move, I’m not quite sure the answer lies in tighter restrictions.”

I agree with that although I don’t agree with Whaleoil’s conclusion “Good on Jacqui though for taking on a cause which is important to her and is a concern of constiuents. At the very least, a review of the party pills situation will not hurt anyone.”

I would NOT congratulate an MP asking for a lot of signatures for tightening up on something which is not her business. Why should she be telling adults what they can and cannot put into their bodies? Her concerns about misuse are understandable – and her energies may be better placed in promoting how to use such pills safely and responsibly. Driving it underground would put up the price and prohibit any messages about using BZP safely.

I also suspect this is the reflection of a rural electorate of people who regard BZP as something new and alien, whereas alcohol, which is far more dangerous and pervasive, is accepted as legal and available. I suspect blogger BZP will have something to say about this too

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