Wednesday, July 16, 2008

How nasty can someone on the left be?

"Poisonous, spiteful, and bitter" is how Idiot Savant described Dr Michael Bassett. I think he ought to look in the mirror.

He has posted on how Margaret Thatched is to get a state funeral when she passes away, and he's gotten nasty about it.

He described Margaret Thatcher as "Britain's most hated woman", but the link he places that comment on gives NO evidence for this. Even though it is the Guardian, the most leftwing mainstream paper. Controversial yes, but most hated? How does a NZ blogger make that call?

Then he says "On the plus side, it will at least give her victims a final chance to throw excrement and rotten fruit at her as she goes past". Yep, poisonous, spiteful and bitter for sure. Nice stuff really. David Lange led reforms as radical as Thatcher, but he didn't say that about him did he? However executing Saddam Hussein is "barbaric revenge" which even he didn't deserve. Apparently being filthy and disgusting at someone's funeral is ok.

Now I accept he'll have a Marxist position on her saying "She deliberately drove millions into poverty and destroyed British society in pursuit of a demented dream of unfettered capitalism. Her economic "successes" (if you can call them that) were won over the bodies of the poor. And that makes her a criminal, not a hero". Although there is NO evidence she "deliberately drove" millions into poverty, although there is mountains of evidence that decades of postwar socialism stagnated Britain into decline and locked generations into low income low education based jobs like mining. By no means is the UK close to unfettered capitalism, and the economic success is patently obvious with low unemployment, inflation and economic growth that much of Europe has envied. The "bodies of the poor" were kept there by decades of leftwing patronising and pretending that government could protect them from the economic reality that the British economy had to move on to be cleverer and more productive. Frankly Britain has only gone part way down that process, with mountains of whinges and moaning in much of the country about why the "guv'mint don't do nout for them".

Yes she mistakenly supported Pinochet, but her political opponents wanted unilateral nuclear disarmament (UK disarms, kicks the US out of the UK, but the USSR can remain a nuclear power), to remove itself from NATO (so basically being neutral between the free West and the totalitarian Soviet bloc) and remove itself from the EEC (so economic autarchy, ala Eastern Europe).

I for one am glad she defeated tired old unionist Labour in 1979 to turn the bankrupt British economy around, defeated the blatantly Marxist indifferent-to-the-USSR Labour in 1983, and the clothcap moaning reborn old Labour in 1988.

I can appreciate people not supporting her policies, but to say people should throw excrement and rotten fruit at her funeral is simply vile - but I guess the left is allowed to do that, much like some on the left turn a blind eye when picketers initiate violence against workers who don't want to strike, and their families. This is not a time to give a eulogy to Lady Thatcher, but for the handful of errors she made (Pinochet, Poll Tax and social conservatism) she did much more to save Britain than any other Prime Minister since Churchill in WW2. Indeed, the telling legacy is that no major UK political party even approaches destroying the bulk of her policies. That is worth far more than the venom of a leftwing New Zealand blogger.


Anonymous said...

Can you really expect any more but hate, bitterness and envy from I/S and anyone else from the left?.

It's all thay have, it's all they are.


Unknown said...
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Just my opinion said...

EXOCET is bang on. I/S is pushing the same old tired leftist bullshit, and is probably doing this to impress his hard left buddies. No wonder he bans comments on his little vanity blog.

A few weeks ago there was a week long Thatcher special on one of the BBC channels here. All brilliant stuff, which highlighted what a remarkable woman she is. Great Britain is richer and better off because of her and her policies.

Put that aside for a moment, who does I/S look up to ideologically? What's the bet there are a few real dangerous people in that category?

Anonymous said...

Poor old Saddam. It was a bit rough, being executed.

After all, there were only some 300,000 bodies discovered in unmarked graves.

My heart bleeds for the bastard.