Monday, July 07, 2008

Mbeki gets a telling from the G8

I bet he didn't think for a moment that he, as the leader of the great and wonderful post-Apartheid "free" South Africa, would ever be held to account for his blood dripping handshaking collusion with Robert Mugabe - but he did.

Thabo Mbeki wont want to go to a G8 summit again.

According to the Times, Mbeki was told along with other African leaders that "trade and investment on the continent could be hit unless they acted to deal with the "illegitimate" Zimbawean president" (sic)

US President George Bush apparently directly criticised him - but that wont mean the leftie former lickspittles of Mugabe will possibly concede Bush was right to do this I am sure.

A Canadian official reported that African representatives were told:

"The Mugabe regime is an illegitimate regime and it should not be tolerated. Public opinion in G8 countries questions why the world would tolerate such a regime and questions why Africa would tolerate such a regime"

Mbeki apparently flew to Harare last weekend to try to meet Mugabe and Morgan Tsvangarai, but Tsvangarai rightly refused saying Mbeki couldn't be trusted. Quite right too, your enemy's mate is hardly someone worth talking to.

So the G8 is going to discuss increasing sanctions (though I wonder if the presence of Russia is a hindrance or a help).

Meanwhile, The Times has published one of its archive articles on its website, an editorial from 1985 about how Mugabe sought to create a one party state then. Yes, the same year I believe New Zealand opened diplomatic relations. The leftwing myth of the hero, blanking out the reality even then.

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Anonymous said...

At last someone is talking about 'accountability'. GW Bush is the only Western leader who has the guts to do this. I hope the leadership of the rest of the west are shamed by this.