Thursday, September 18, 2008

Compulsory training or what Helen?

So Helen Clark will make 16 and 17yos be at school, in training or on apprenticeship.

So if you have a job at such ages, you'll also be forced to be in training! You could be working in a family business, but no Auntie Helen wants your life.

So what happens if they don't? Will you get arrested if you're not in training?

Now I'd simply abolish welfare benefits for those under 18 - but that's a separate issue. Since when has Clark decided she can control 16 and 17yos?


Anonymous said...

She wants to keep young people in the same system that has failed them.

The solution is not a new system, but to keep kids incarcerated in the existing one for longer!

She really has lost the plot.

Libertyscott said...

A desperate answer to the problem of the undereducated underclass - it's sad really. One step away from compulsory military or public service.