Saturday, September 27, 2008

Nick Kelly the communist unionist

It has already been reported that the Wellington Tramways Union President is now Nick Kelly - a communist - former candidate for the Marxist-Leninist Workers Party. So the union representing most Go Wellington bus drivers is now led by a nutbar who believes in the destruction of the liberal democratic capitalist state and its replacement with a Marxist-Leninist dictatorship.

Poneke thinks it is an "interesting development", I think it's a great chance for Wellington bus drivers to throw off the shackles of these violence worshipping socialists and negotiate individual contracts.

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Anonymous said...

Well considering thr fact that the bus drivers are all members of the union bar a handful of people (none of whom scabbed during the strike and lockout), the fact that they democratically elected Nick on an openly Marxist platform, and the fact that the workers overwhelmingly voted to take industrial action against the bastards in charge of Go Wellington, I kinda doubt they're going to be throwing off the shackles of collective agreements any time soon! :P