Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Number 21...

Bugger. down from a hat trick of 18, but the competition is heating up. Going to Ireland for five days completely away from net access had an effect on post, but even with my traffic going up, it is clear many leftwing blogs are coming to life. Of course I'm hardly objecting to healthy competition!

However, many have said it before and I can only reiterate a very warm thank you to Tim Selwyn for the excellent work, I am sure it spurs some of us to work harder at attracting audiences - rather like having radio ratings - except none of us has inane competitions to attract punters!

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Anonymous said...

I disagree it is excellent work - it rewards link whores and those who have taken to putting RSS bots on their page to automatically link random rubbish from other sites.

As you say, NZ is too small to count, but putting my own good self below those who rank 10,000 and over (some 23,000 and over) in NZ and who get no comments is just nonsense and does not reflect the reality of the traffic. The horror! ;-)