Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Peter Dunne nothing

So with all the goings on about Winston and Labour's role in it, what is Peter Dunne doing? Remaining a Minister outside Cabinet, and United Future still grants confidence and supply to Labour.

Don't forget, United Future has granted Labour confidence and supply in the past TWO Parliamentary terms. It hasn't even suggested withdrawing confidence and supply so that an election can be called immediately.

Of course on current polling, United Future is at the same level as Libertarianz, which suggests that Peter Dunne will be a one man band after the election...

Unless the people of Ohariu-Belmont realise that a vote for Peter Dunne is a vote for Labour, as it has been the last two elections - and remains so.

It is about time that this former Labour MP, who has hitched his political career to the religious right once, and more recently to support Clarkistan, is consigned to political history. United Future is hardly a party of the religious right, it is hardly a party seeking a change in government. His most notable achievement has been to set up a new bureaucracy - the Families Commission.

He may be a one man band after this election, like Jim Anderton, but surely it is time that New Zealand voters gave up on parties that are focused almost entirely on ex Labour/National MPs. Winston should be a goner, Jim Anderton should retire, but Peter Dunne needs Ohariu-Belmont to say no (and please don't mention Transmission Gully).


Anonymous said...

Dunne may be back, but he won't bring anyone with him. The Christians in the party have mostly left (to the Family and Kiwi parties) and he has compared them to the Taleban, so he'll have lost most of the Christian vote that got UF in previously.

Anonymous said...

Im going to be interested to see what dent we can make in his constituancy vote as well - Sean Fitzpatrick, Libertarianz Ohariu Candidate.