Saturday, November 08, 2008

3 years of Key and Hide

So it is a National/ACT government possibly with Peter Dunne.

John Key is sitting waiting for a phone call from Helen Clark. Richard Prebble on RNZ has said "Helen this is what you do, you pick up the phone, and say "congratulations".

Helen you lost in 1996, you've been there before - come on. It's over, a better man won.


Oswald Bastable said...

99% in now and she hasn't conceded.

I'm hoping she's looking for a revolver and a bullet!

Anonymous said...

3 years? FUCK NO!

I'm picking at least 15 years...

3 terms for John Key
2 terms for Bill English

and then, hopefully, they lose to an ACT/Libz government

Libertyscott said...

I can't believe it 1011GMT and she hasn't conceded yet.

Anonymous - Well you could be right! Such a shift would be rather good to watch.

Anonymous said...

I am right

look at e.g. the Party vote in helen's electorate.

there is no support for socialism in NZ any more.

and with 5 ACT MPs - well their policy will wipe out the unions. And without unions there can be no labour party!

a victory of this magnitude should easily give 3 terms - but with a change back to FPP, there's no reason at all while we're not looking at 5 terms, and the extinction of Labour, Progressives, UF, and the marginalisation of the greens.

helen has gone - and labour has absolutely no one