09 November 2008

Chris Trotter's bitter and nasty obituary

In the Sunday Star Times Trotter calls those who voted against Labour "the men who just couldn't cope with the idea of being led by an intelligent, idealistic, free-spirited woman; the gutless, witless, passionless creatures of the barbecue-pit and the sports bar (and the feckless females who put up with them)"

Sober up Chris, you're talking about the working class you love so much.

See if I thought you really believed that, I'd call you a petty vindictive mindless little prick. However, if a world of mixing with the left means you think successful people who want less government don't include intelligent, idealistic, free-spirited women and men who like them, who don't include men and women of courage, wit and passion, you're a sad little man.

The Labour Party isn't the repositary of the values of a generation, it's the values of trade unionists and others who think they know best for everyone else. So to take the words of Michael Cullen - we won, you lost, eat that (well near enough). Now fuck off, grow up and meet some people who don't think the end of the Soviet Union's murderous empire was a tragedy.


KG said...


Oswald Bastable said...

Hear, hear!

Sturminator said...

Misery-guts Clark as a free-spirit? Come on...!

Anonymous said...


Thank you for nicely articulating what we were all thinking.

Well done.

Anonymous said...

He may have a point you know. At least with Labour led govt she had coalition partners that she could work well with.

This new mob is very unstable. John Key a political novice trying to rein in egos like Rodney Hide and Hone Harawira. Bill English who is probably a bit more the ACT direction.

Feels like the 1990s to me, remember Alamein Koopu>?