Saturday, November 08, 2008

Best Libz electorates: party vote

For my Libz friends, the best seats in terms of party vote are:

Wairarapa - 15
Te Tai Tonga - 14 - which of course must be nonsense, as in 2005 Libz did incredibly well in this Maori seat early on, which simply means someone can't count for that seat!


Julian Pistorius said...


Do they count twice to avoid errors? Is that how a party with a small number of total votes can be at a certain number at one point in time, and at some point later, be lower than it was before?


Libertyscott said...

Julian, nice to hear from you. Scrutineers from the parties will get votes checked if results are looking a bit odd, so there can be another count for a particular booth. I think that in Te Tai Tonga there must be some guy counting who is drunk and seeing Libz and thinking Labour!

Julian Pistorius said...

Well, that or there are more freedom-loving maori in the South Island than we know...


Hey, one can hope, right? :)

Great job on the reporting by the way.

Thanks very much!

Libertyscott said...

Hehe yes, and thanks, it's hard work!