Saturday, November 08, 2008

Bye bye to the losers

So who is no longer there to vote on how the government spend your money and tell you what to do or not to do? Time to celebrate the disappearance of:

Judith Tizard
Martin Gallagher
Harry Duynhoven
Russell Fairbrother
Mark Burton
Damien O'Connor (though will be awaiting specials as he is next on the list)
Mahara Okeroa
Lesley Soper
Louisa Wall
Dave Hereora

Pacific Party
Taito Philip Field

NZ First
Peter Brown
Winston Peters
Dail Jones
Ron Mark
Pita Paraone
Barbara Stewart
Doug Woolerton

United Future
Judy Turner

Independent/Kiwi Party
Gordon Copeland

The MMP slippery slide back
Darren Hughes out of Otaki, but back in on the list
Steve Chadwick out of Rotorua, but back in on the list
Lynne Pillay out of Waitakere, but back in on the list


Tim Barnett
Mark Gosche
Paul Swain
David Benson-Pope (de-selected)
Steve Maharey
Marian Hobbs
Jill Pettis
Dover Samuels
Margaret Wilson

Mark Blumsky
Bob Clarkson
Katherine Rich
Clem Simich


So who is the one YOU are most happy to see the back of? Other than Winston of course :) For me, it is Fairbrother, a wet apologist for some of the vilest individuals in the country.


Anonymous said...

Liberty, my guess is that Damien O'Connor may come back at some stage in this coming term, with the possibility of Judith Tizard and Mark Burton also returning.

I suspect that Cullen will probably retire from Parliament at some stage in this term, and there may be one or two more people who will also retire during this term. 2011 will probably be for Labour what 2002 was for National; their opportunity to cut out dead wood and give a new face.

Perhaps with the dead wood gone, National may be more inclined to run a slightly more right wing agenda as Labour would be less dangerous and less likely to attach the 1990s label to them.

Anonymous said...

Russell Fairbrother, the most useless MP ever to come out of Hawkes Bay.

The man who single-handedly turned one of the safest Labour seats in the country into a safe National seat in one term.

And he will be back on the public tit on Monday probably handling Dartelle Alder's latest legally aided criminal proceeding.