Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Libertyscott's Electorate voting guide

The electorate vote is not as important as the party vote, with a few distinguished exceptions. So how should you vote? Taking the lead from Blair Mulholland, I've thought long and hard about all of them.

So here is the Libertyscott guide to your electorate vote. It is based on the following premises:

1. Vote for the candidate who most supports giving you back your freedom and taxes.
2. Vote for the candidate who is most likely to defeat the worst candidate.
3. Let a mediocre incumbent who has little chance of being unseated alone by voting for the person who is least objectionable.

Some are more important than other. The names in bold are those that you can vote for positively OR which make a difference against someone quite loathsome.

I've endorsed 26 National candidates, 16 Libertarianz, 15 ACT, 11 Labour, 1 Maori Party and 1 seat I can't pick at all.

Now most of you who love freedom can't disagree with that can you? After all National only won 27 seats in 2002!

Auckland Central - Nikki Kaye - National

This is a chance to defeat Judith Tizard. Nikki Kaye is smarter, harder working and as a bonus, better looking that the former Minister assisting the Prime Minister with her handbag. Tizard is a mediocrity. It is time to remove the peculiar Tizard dynasty from New Zealand politics. She is not high up the Labour list enough to be safe. National needs the likes of a young ambitious intelligent woman like Kaye. Your electorate vote counts here, give it to Nikki Kaye.

Bay of Plenty - Frances Denz - ACT

Tony Ryall has this seat in the bag. He is one of the mediocre “brat pack” who helped National achieve its worst defeat ever in 2002. He doesn’t need your vote. The Labour alternative has no chance and is hopeless as well, and we don’t need Peter Brown. ACT’s Frances Denz is ex. Labour and should be rewarded for moving in the right direction. Give Frances your electorate vote.

Botany - Kenneth Wang - ACT

Botany is a new seat that has become the Wang Wong show. Kenneth Wang doesn’t have a profile on the ACT website, but does have a website. Pansy Wong is in on the list anyway. You might tick Wang, but if ACT only gets enough party votes for 3 MPs, then Wang pushes Roger Douglas out of Parliament because the third MP, after Hide and Roy will be Wang. Funnily enough leftwing voters in Botany might find it preferable to vote for Wang if they dislike Douglas. For me, Wang seems the better choice, because Wong has hardly been that impressive.

Christchurch Central - Nicky Wagner - National

Brendon Burns is the Labour candidate, who was Labour’s chief spin doctor in the Beehive. He’s well up the Clark hierarchy so it is important to vote against him. Nicky Wagner the National candidate is already a list MP. She speaks in favour of many mad Nat policies, like 40% local investment from the Superannuation Fund, so is otherwise loathsome but this is about Burns. Burns is lowly ranked on the Labour list. Wagner will be elected regardless so electing her as the local MP will deny Burns from Parliament, and will mean she is an electorate MP, not a list MP – in Labour heartland. So hold your nose and vote for Wagner.

Christchurch East - Aaron Gilmore - National

Lianne Dalziel has this one cornered, with National’s Aaron Gilmore having little chance. I know Aaron’s wife, and she is intelligent so I trust her judgment. Give Aaron your vote to try to get Dalziel’s share of the vote below 50%.

Clutha Southland - Roly Henderson - ACT

Bill English is a shoo in, so you can happily vote for someone who believes in freedom. Roly Henderson of ACT is a sheep farmer who says “We don’t need our government to do more for us, we need less government so we can do more” that’ll do nicely.

Coromandel - Sandra Goudie - National

Sandra Goudie of National did good work in removing Jeanette Fitzsimons from this seat and she isn’t half bad. Give her the tick, Jeanette comes third in this seat that she once held – a fairly devastating verdict.

Dunedin North - Michael Woodhouse - National

Pete Hodgson is another shoo in, so tick Michael Woodhouse of National. He is President of the NZ Private Surgical Hospitals Association and was previously the Vice President of the NZ Private Hospitals Association, so he’d bring a useful perspective on private sector provision of health care to the National caucus.

Dunedin South - Conway Powell - National

Clare Curran is out to capture Benson- Pope’s seat for Labour. She’s a vile little PR hack who is seeking to portray National as enemies of the people. As a result, Dr Conway Powell, a centrist scientist standing for National is worth a vote to try to keep her out of Parliament.

East Coast - none of them

Anne Tolley took this from Labour last time, but Anne Tolley has a problem. She likes censorship. Now while I agree with her concerns about child pornography, she drafted a (defeated) bill that would have banned any material that “deal with” sexual conduct by young people. It would have banned a vast range of novels, films and indeed information leaflets.

Drafting kneejerk bills about laws you know little about isn’t encouraging. Moana Mackey? Well she is leftwing, she likes unions, compulsory Maori language and bleats on about the 1990s being a horrible time. The bright side is she is a scientist and supports allowing genetic engineering on a case by case basis. Judy Turner from United Future doesn’t deserve your vote either, and Catherine Delahunty is on the far left of the Greens. Advice? You don’t want to be associated with any of these control freaks. Don’t bother.

East Coast Bays - Elah Zamora - Libertarianz

Murray McCully is a shoo in, so vote for Elah Zamora of Libertarianz and know you’re voting for someone who is hard working and a determined supporter of freedom. The Labour candidate here is especially awful, so don’t even think about her if you hate McCully. Zamora is the moral choice.

Epsom - Rodney Hide - ACT

Richard Worth tried to paint Rodney Hide as being pro drug liberalisation, as if it were a bad thing. Rodney has been a good MP. Richard Worth is so awful I’d like Rodney to remain MP for Epsom. He is one of the better MPs in Parliament.

Hamilton East - David Bennett- National

National’s David Bennett took this from Dianne Yates, which was good although the Nat’s website lies about his age. His maiden speech talked about less welfare, more personal responsibility and tax cuts. Give him a chance and secure this seat from the awful Sue Moroney.

Hamilton West - Tim Wikiriwhi - Libertarianz

Labour’s Martin Gallagher could well face serious defeat here, BUT the National candidate – Tim Macindoe leads Arts Waikato, which seeks taxpayer money from Creative NZ and from local authorities. So he likes big government, so not really much point switching men but not philosophies. Vote for a man who has turned his life around, and who is passionate about what he does, and works very hard – Vote Tim Wikiriwhi, Libertarianz, Parliament wont know what’s hit it.

Hauraki-Waikato - Nanaia Mahuta - Labour

It’s a two horse race here, Nanaia Mahuta against Angeline Greensill. Greensill is seriously Marxist, so vote for Princess Mahuta. It also reduces the Maori Party overhang.

Helensville - Peter Osborne - Libertarianz

John Key doesn’t need your vote, he is in on the list and the awful Darien Fenton from Labour would be worse. Vote for Peter Osborne of Libertarianz. He’ll work hard calling National list MP John Key to account, without backtracking on his principles

Hunua - Bruce Whitehead - Libertarianz

The awful patronizing prick Paul Hutchison (I am speaking from experience here) will think he has this in the bag. He so doesn’t deserve it. Jordan Carter hasn’t a hope of Cubanisation of this seat, but Sir Roger Douglas does add some colour. However, Bruce Whitehead from Libertarianz deserves you vote. He says “money taken from you (via tax) to fund someone else's "great idea" without your permission is theft”, Sir Roger for what he’s worth would never say that. However he is a strong second choice, better than Hutchison.

Hutt South - Phil Howison - Libertarianz

Trevor Mallard doesn’t need your vote here. Paul Quinn of National negotiates Treaty settlements. Now I know both the ACT and Libz candidates here. Lindsay Mitchell is well deserving, but the young and very smart Phil Howison gets a hard time from most of the other candidates here and deserves your vote. He’s come through the state education system and survived to be spokesman on education. Give Phil Howison your electorate vote, after all Mallard will win anyway.

Ikaroa-Rawhiti - Parekura Horomia - Labour

Three in this race, the Greens aren’t worth considering, so it is Derek Fox vs Parekura. Fox is a long standing leftie who while wily and smart would also increase the overhang of the Maori Party. Hold your nose and vote for the big man Parekura Horomia – he will be in anyway on the list, but Fox doesn’t deserve to enter Parliament.

Ilam - Brian Davidson - ACT

Gerry Brownlee will slide into this easily, and Labour’s Sam Yau is too nice a guy to elect into Parliament. Brian Davidson for ACT doesn’t want to be an MP and says “He has been motivated to stand for the ACT Party in the Ilam Electorate by the propensity of this Labour Party to tell us how to run our lives and watch over us in an over regulated society which is strangling the enterprise and vision of this wonderful country”. Shrink Brownlee’s majority by giving Brian your electorate vote.

Invercargill - Shane Pleasance - Libertarianz

Eric Roy should manage to keep Lesley Soper out of Parliament (she’s just another braindead unionist), and Roy is just one of the mediocre middle ground of National. So give Shane Pleasance your electorate vote, he’s the Libertarianz candidate, Director of the Southland Chamber of Commerce and he believes in Invercargill, freedom and personal responsibility.

Kaikoura - Colin King - National

National’s Colin King is comfortable here against Labour’s nutty Brian McNamara, and he isn’t bad enough to vote against. I don’t know enough about ACT’s Dave Tattersfield to give him the nod, so make your own pick. I’d pick King, because Labour needs a hammering and it is nice to discourage a leftwing Labour candidate.

Mana - Richard Goode - Libertarianz

Winnie Laban is in under the list anyway, and the awful “Pakeha owe Maori loads” public sector consultant Hekia Parata of National is simply vile - from personal experience. Richard Goode of Libertarianz is mild mannered and one of the most rational speakers on liberalising drug laws in New Zealand today. Vote for Goode.

Mangere - Sua Sio - Labour

This is a race between the awful Philip Field, and Labour’s Sua Sio. National has Mita Harris, who works for DOC and has a past in Treaty claims. ACT has Michael Tabachnik, a university student. Look, Field would create a overhang if he won. So grin and bear it, vote for Sua Sio, because strategically this IS moderately important. Keep Field out.

Manukau East - Kanwal Bakshi - National

Ross Robertson is one of the Labour MPs I dislike least, and he isn’t on the party list which means if he wins, it helps keep the likes of Judith Tizard out of Parliament. However, he is pretty much guaranteed to get elected. Kanwal Bakshi of National is a businessman who set up a voluntary organization to help teenagers. You can’t go wrong voting for this man.

Manurewa - Cam Calder - National

I’m not so generous to George Hawkins. He was a hopeless Police Minister, and while he is on the right side of the Labour Party, and his victory also denies Labour one of its list members, this man isn’t exactly a stunning talent. Dr Cam Calder is National’s candidate and he is no libertarian, but seems decent enough. So take your choice. The ACT candidate doesn’t even have a profile on the ACT website. Hawkins or Calder hmmm.

Maungakiekie - Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga - National

The vile Carol Beaumont of Labour is vying for this seat. She’s a unionist and thinks Labour has benefited democracy. Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga is National’s candidate, he seems to have done well in business and in community work, so you can vote for him positively to keep the Marxist Beaumont out of Parliament.

Mount Albert - Ravi Musuku - National

Clarkistan means you want to feel positive about who to vote for. Sadly it’s not great here. The ACT candidate has no profile on the ACT website. National’s Ravi Musuku is a Methodist pastor, who is a mechanical engineer, not the party’s best. I’d probably give Musuku the tick, only because Clark is so so much worse, and he will come second.

Mount Roskill - Phil Goff - Labour

Phil Goff or Jackie Blue, hmmm there’s a choice. Goff could be Labour’s next leader, he’s one of the few left who could bring it back to the centre, but think how far he has slipped. Blue is in on the list, so she doesn’t need your vote. ACT’s Shawn Tan hasn’t given me enough reason to support him. I want more than that. Don’t feel bad about ticking Goff because he’s the most Rogernomic part of Labour left, but if you can’t then ticking Blue or Tan.

Napier - Chris Tremain - National

Chris Tremain is the successful businessman who is now the local MP, a Nat. The apologist for vile criminals, Russell Fairbrother is standing for Labour and it is too important to keep that man out of Parliament. He isn’t on the list, so keep him out. Vote for Tremain to keep Fairbrother out.

Nelson - Maryan Street - Labour

Maryan Street is one of Labour’s best and smartest candidates. Yes she is part of the Clark government through and through, but she isn’t Nick Smith. Nick Smith is the most loathsome of National MPs, a little control freak, who doesn’t believe in private property rights, who embraces the RMA. So vote Street, because for all she is, she is better than Smith.

New Lynn - Tim Groser - National

Local MP Silent T is a vile nasty character, whose intelligence belies a cold instinct to love power and step on those who get in his way. National’s Tim Groser is a solid supporter of free trade and damnit we need that. Vote for Groser to give Silent T a kick where it hurts and to support one of the better Nat MPs.

New Plymouth - Mike Webber - Libertarianz

Harry Duynhoven is probably a shoo in here too, for some reason this town’s just wild about Harry. Mike Webber of Libertarianz is good at giving the bastards heaps, he’s a feisty chap and deserving of your vote.

North Shore - Michael Murphy - Libertarianz

Wayne Mapp will win this, so you’re safe giving the good natured, hard working and far more entertaining Michael Murphy of Libertarianz your vote. He’s President of Takapuna RSA and done more to serve his country than the others combined.

Northcote - Peter Linton - Libertarianz

Dr Jonathan Coleman is the Nat MP. He’s a clever chap but at 26 on the list he’s in anyway. Pick Peter Linton of Libertarianz. He’ll stir them up and be a strong advocate for your self defence and your right to decide on your health care and education.

Northland - Alan Wood - ACT

Hone Carter’s seat of course, so you can vote elsewhere happily. Blair suggested Shane Jones of Labour. ACT’s Alan Wood is a lemongrower. I have no other reason to vote for him, but it’s better than Hone or Jones, so give Alan Wood your tick.

Ohariu - Katrina Shanks - National

Ahh yes a very important seat. It’s simple. Dunne has to go. This man has voted to keep Labour in power for two terms and to grow bureaucracy. Katrina Shanks is National’s candidate. Charles Chauvel is a Clark lackey and National could do with more clever women. Vote Shanks to remove Labour’s right hand man.

Otaki - Peter McCaffrey - ACT

Darren Hughes will lose this seat, but Nathan Guy is into Transmission Gully, his maiden speech used the word “free” once and he talked favourably about how important Nandor’s “Waste Minimisation Bill” is. You can’t seriously vote for this guy, beyond how he apparently is good looking says Cactus Kate. Peter McCaffrey of ACT leads ACT on Campus Wellington, which is worth supporting. Give him the tick.

Pakuranga - Maurice Williamson - National

Maurice Williamson’s seat. Maurice is one of National’s better MPs, being an opponent of the awful move to the left of English in 2002, and supporting Brash in 2005. Key has stomped on Maurice, so that’s enough reason to give Maurice the benefit of the doubt.

Palmerston North - Malcolm Plimmer - National

Labour candidate Iain Lees-Galloway is trying to succeed Steve Maharey, and he is worse. This man is just vile, being anti-individualism and a unionist. Vote to keep him out, Malcolm Plimmer of National is uninspiring, but this is about keeping Lees-Galloway out of this seat. Turn Palmy blue.

Papakura - Judith Collins- National

Dave Hereora is one of Labour’s under performers, give Judith Collins the tick in the hope she might be a future National leader. Seriously, there isn’t really anyone else with the capability to succeed Key.

Port Hills - Geoff Russell - ACT

Dyson is awful, and Social Credit nutbar Terry Heffernan is worse. Dyson is in on the list anyway, so voting for her to keep Heffernan out makes sense. If you can’t stand that it is Geoff Russell of ACT who might give you an out, but seriously Heffernan stood for Social Credit, the Alliance and NZ First, umpteen times and failed. The Nats need to be punished for adopting this fool.

Rangitata - Jo Goodhew - National

Jo Goodhew is the Nat MP. There is no good reason to vote against her, she described herself in her maiden speech as one who “juggle work and family, who scorn political correctness, who value self-reliance and believe that working hard should bring personal benefits, not increased taxation”. Not great, but not bad, so give her a tick.

Rangitikei - Jean Thompson Church - ACT

Simon Power insurmountable fortress. You might tick Steve Gibson, an independent, because he’s a cop who cut crime in Taihape, but he also issued over 100 speeding tickets in one day. Jills Angus Burney had no profile on the Labour website, showing she’s not interested. Jean Thompson Church is ACT’s candidate, and she is quite elderly. Let her get her deposit back and give her a tick, because Power will get in regardless.

Rimutaka - Nigel Kearney - ACT

Now Swain is off with his young new bride, it is a bit more wide open. Richard Whiteside is the National candidate (the Labour one – Chris Hipkins is far too leftwing to endorse) and is a lot like John Key in that he doesn’t really say anything. ACT’s Nigel Kearney has a blog and expresses views that aren’t far removed from my own. So give him the tick, don’t worry – Ron Mark wont win here.

Rodney - Beryl Good - ACT

Lockwood Smith is one of the most disappointing of National’s MPs. He showed his testicles were inert against teachers’ unions in the early 1990s. He deserves to be out, but Conor Roberts – a student unionist, has no hope of doing this. Vote Beryl Good for ACT as she has more interest in freedom than Lockwood, and you wont feel so dirty voting for her.

Rongotai - Mitch Lees - Libertarianz

You have the smart and apparently good looking Mitch Lees of Libertarianz to vote for. He’s smarter and better looking than the rest, but the main reason you want to vote for him is to beat Gordon Copeland and Russel Norman. Annette King is hardly threatened by Chris Finlayson, although he is one of the better Nat candidates.

Rotorua - Fred Stevens - Libertarianz

Steve Chadwick is finished, but Todd McClay is from that National family. So really you’d feel better voting for Fred Stevens of Libertarianz, at least so he can beat the nutty RAM candidate.

Selwyn - Amy Adams - National

Amy Adams of National will almost certainly pick this one up, and she’s alright, better than Labour’s David Coates. Give her a tick, the Nats need more intelligent women in their caucus.

Tamaki - Allan Peachey - National

Allan Peachey is a sensible National MP who will win and who there isn’t really good enough reason to vote against. Jo Bartley of Labour was invisible when I searched for her, so give Allan your vote.

Tamaki-Makaurau - Pita Sharples - Maori Party

Louisa Wall isn’t good enough against Pita Sharples, who for all that is wrong with him is better than she is. He’s by far the best of the Maori Party caucus so deserves to win again.

Taranaki-King Country - Bill Izard - ACT

Shane Ardern, yawn. Yep, what a star. Bill Izard of ACT seems invisible too. The Labour candidate is invisible as well. I’d probably tick Izard given Ardern nearly was beaten by Owen Jennings, and the electorate that voted Jim Bolger in incessantly needs a shake up.

Taupo - Louise Upston - National

is a Labour seat likely to go to the Nats. Voting Louise Upston would help seal the deal to get rid of Mark Burton who is too low down the Labour list to remain.

Tauranga - Simon Bridges - National

You know what you have to do. Vote Simon Bridges National to put your nail in the coffin for Winston’s political career. Even excluding that he aint half bad.

Te Atatu - Tau Henare - National

Chris Carter will remain in on the list. Tau Henare will make things more interesting, and I can’t tick an ACT candidate who is law and order obsessed. The main value in Henare is he will shake up the boring Nat caucus.

Te Tai Hauauru - Errol Mason - Labour

You can’t vote for Tariana Turia, she’s mad as can be. Tick Errol Mason, he’ll help keep Judith Tizard out as he is well down the Labour list.

Te Tai Tokerau - Peter Tashkoff - ACT

The loathsome Marxist Hone Harawira doesn’t deserve your vote, Peter Tashkoff of ACT does, if only to show that the Maori seats aren’t a two horse race.

Te Tai Tonga - Mahara Okeroa - Labour

Mahara Okeroa will keep the Maori party away from overhang. There is no other reason to vote for him.

Tukituki - Craig Foss - National

Yes well Craig Foss is the Nat MP, Rick Barker was the Labour MP and to be fair to Foss he’s been fighting hard on the HBDHB issues with the government. The ACT candidate Duncan Lennox founded a Christian school, which of course is enough of a reason for an objectivist to say – tick Foss.

Waiariki - Mita Ririnui - Labour

Mita Ririnui will keep the Maori party away from overhang. Again, no other reason to vote for him.

Waikato - Mark Davies - ACT

Lindsay Tisch hasn’t been a star, and Jacinda Ardern the young London based Labour candidate is standing. She’ll be in on the list, so don’t give her a second thought. Mark Davies of ACT is saying the right things, so give him a tick.

Waimakariri - Clayton Cosgrove - Labour

Keeping Clayton Cosgrove around will annoy the Labour left and Kate Wilkinson of National is already a list MP. So why not tick Clayton Cosgrove, he was a Mike Moore acolyte and must be a moderating influence.

Wairarapa - Richard McGrath - Libertarianz

Vote for NZ’s most freedom loving GP – Dr Richard McGrath for Libertarianz. He’s a fine man, and given the Nat’s John Hayes will win, you don’t want someone called Amy Tubman from the Alliance to beat him now do you?

Waitakere - Paula Bennett - National

Paula Bennett of National needs your vote to try to unseat the Marxist Lynne Pillay.

Waitaki - David Parker - Labour

Yes, take Blair’s advice, swallow a hard drink and vote David Parker, the Labour candidate. Jacqui Dean is the current MP and an enemy of freedom, voting against her is like voting against Jim Anderton. Her website says “Jacqui thrives on hitting the road”, make her hit it with her fist on all fours in disappointment. Parker is in anyway on the list, so hold your nose and vote Parker.

Wellington Central - Bernard Darnton - Libertarianz

Now I know it is wide open, and you might just think Stephen Franks is worth a shot, but the man is no libertarian. He is intelligent and articulate, but did he try to take Helen Clark to court for breaking the law? No – Bernard Darnton - Libertarianz Leader did – he deserves your vote here for fighting for the rule of law and liberal democracy. Franks doesn’t deserve credit for moving from ACT to National, and National doesn’t value him enough to put him high up the list – so vote for freedom, vote for Darnton.

West Coast-Tasman - Damien O'Connor - Labour

Chris Auchinvole is the Nat list MP standing against Damien O’Connor. He is ok, but there is a good reason for voting for O’Connor. He will take a list position from someone else who is bound to be worse. O’Connor is on the Labour right and doesn’t pander to political correctness. So hold your nose and vote for him. It’s not that there is anything wrong with Auchinvole, but this is about keeping the rump Labour party from being the mad unionist cabal it looks like being.

Whanganui - Alan Davidson - ACT

Chester Borrows is the Nat MP here, he thinks all children are ours and like Sue Bradford says “I want to live in a country that claims all children as their own and accepts the glory and the responsibility of that”. The Labour candidate isn’t worth ticking, the ACT candidate Alan Davidson wont win but his profile does talk about not telling people how to run their lives. You can tick that.

Whangarei - Helen Hughes - Libertarianz

Phil Heatley is another shoo in here, so you can safely vote for someone who does passionately believe in individual freedom. Vote Helen Hughes for Libertarianz, with pride. She’s more charismatic and better looking than Heatley any day.

Wigram - Ben Morgan - Libertarianz

Jim Anderton isn’t under any serious threat here, because the vote against him is split two ways. ex. United Future MP, now Nat Marc Alexander doesn’t deserve your vote, as he isn’t really a believer in individual freedom. The Labour candidate Erin Ebbor-Gillespie is much worse than Jim Anderton, even though voting for her would probably increase the chance of Labour being defeated (as she’d replace a list MP, and ousting Anderton would shrink the left vote). Ben Morgan of Libertarianz stands for freedom, and so it’s time people in Anderton’s seat stood up for it too.


Anonymous said...

Very impressive list Scott! Well done.

Saturday is going to be a pretty anxious day... and, as always, even a 'good' result won't be a good one.

Worse than Anderton? Wow. Amusingly, a search for her name brings this post up first in Google. First line: "The Labour candidate Erin Ebbor-Gillespie is much worse than Jim Anderton"


Anonymous said...

Williamson, Collins, Peachey - what is so great about these people. Ego is no substitute for consistent performance.

Transport, Social Welfare and Education need real smart grunt.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Like '02 & '05 my candidates vote is going to John Galt. :)

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon that Williams Collins and Pechey are lacklustre performers. Here is example of Peachey in "action" in Parliament. Boring stuff:

Libertyscott said...

Peachey isn't great but it is about who was worse. Collins has some guts and Williamson knows transport better than any of the rest of them

Libertyscott said...

Peachey isn't great but it is about who was worse. Collins has some guts and Williamson knows transport better than any of the rest of them

Anonymous said...

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