Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Maori Party want more welfare too

Yes it's not just abolish the dole, according to the NZ Herald, it's also give $500 to the poorest families - taken of course from everyone else.

What do they get that for?
What did they do to earn it?
What will they spend it on?

The Herald asks Adelaide Wharakura, a mother working part time, who would get the money if she backs it, she obviously says yes, but even so she is wiser than the Maori Party. She said:

"Who it makes a difference to depends on which families you give it to. There are a lot of drugs and alcohol. If I'm being honest [there are some who would] rather spend money on things like that. This money shouldn't be spent like that - there should be some checks or rules"

Yes, money taken from hard working taxpayers as a handout, which some will use on drugs and alcohol.

Even the Maori Party's candidate for Hauraki-Waikato said "it was likely that for some children the money wouldn't trickle down and the majority would miss out"

So a bit of theft and giving money for nothing is still ok - take from more successful families to pay for less successful ones.

Marxist Maori Party nonsense - it wants to take your money and give it away for nothing.

and Labour and National will both go to bed with it for power. So why would you vote for them?

UPDATE: Not PC posts eloquently on the nonsense of the "multiplier effect" of boosting the economy by taking money from people in the first place.

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Anonymous said...

With 230,000 kids in poverty, your bah humbug attitude would rather they get nothing while you dine on fine wine, meat and sweet yams - then how selfish are you?

Giving $500 to poor families with kids and to pensioners is choice. You can't tell me that pensioners don't deserve it - or will you?

If the Govt can back up banks with $150b guarantee and National can commit billions of dollars on their ideas, I think Angeline Greensill and teh Maori Party should put this idea forward.

It worked in Aus and will spread out into the community. Hope she wins the seat of Hauraki-Waikato cos she is a very good leader. Ask the people of Raglan.