Saturday, November 08, 2008

NZ election results live: 0730 GMT

Nats 49%
Lab 31.2%
Greens 6.1% (have to be hoping better than this)
NZF 4.5% (easing back thank god)
ACT 3.4% remaining steady
Maori 2.1%

Bill and Ben 824 votes, 9th biggest party! MacGillicuddies reborn (in the joke vote category)

The left vote is definitely well down, but remember 2005, Labour pulled through at the end.

Worth noting the lunatic left Auckland based RAM is doing appallingly badly.

West Coast Tasman remains with National narrowly ahead
Maungakiekie a core Labour seat looking very close.
Rimutaka narrowly Labour
Maori seats have Te Tai Tonga going from Labour to Maori Party, but hardly a clean sweep

National still leading in most the seats I listed before:
Auckland Central
Hamilton West
New Plymouth
Palmerston North

Libz 137 finally ahead of the communist Workers' Party!


dan said...

where can I find the Libz vote?

Libertyscott said...

and then every electorate

dan said...

thanks a lot