Saturday, November 08, 2008

NZ election results live: 0900 GMT


Grrr RNZ feed breaking up and now the election results website is fidgety it's getting trickier here but:
National 45.8% (down down it goes!)
Greens 6.4%
ACT 3.7%
NZF 4.3%
Maori 2.2% still not enough to avoid overhang
Libz 826 but Bill and Ben 8936 votes - go figure

Auckland Central remains close, but Kaye pushing ahead a bit by 859
Christchurch Central Labour only barely ahead in what should be a safe seat
Epsom Hide comfortably but not half counted yet
Hutt South Mallard seeming more comfortable
Maungakiekie National slightly ahead of Mark Gosche's former seat
New Plymouth neck and neck!

1 comment:

Sturminator said...

I'm getting TVNZ live stream fine.

On current numbers National and ACT could form a coalition without anyone else right? 59 National MPs , 5 ACT MPs = 64 MPs out of 122.

Sounds like they'll bring in Maori and United anyway, thinking of future elections. Pragmatism showing through already.