Monday, November 03, 2008

Obama or McCain ARI?

It must be troubling them.

The Ayn Rand Institute in 2004 backed John Kerry, in 2000 backed Al Gore.

So does ARI pick the rather leftwing, softer foreign policy of Obama, or the cuddling up to evangelicals centrist tougher foreign policy of McCain?

At the moment it appears to be a curse on both houses.

The Objectivist Center is saying nothing either, but also damning of Obama and McCain.

Lindsay Perigo has said a vote for McCain would be "a vote against Obama bin Biden, and may buy the country some time: time to reverse its slide into a European-style 'social democracy' - i.e., full-blown collectivist tyranny based on the airheaded consent of the tyrannized. For that to happen, not just Senator McCain and Governor Palin but millions more Americans need to snap out of their addled airhead postmodern stupor and acquaint themselves with Ayn Rand".

I'll be posting my verdict on the US Presidential candidates shortly.

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