Monday, November 03, 2008

A vote for Labour is a vote for the Greens

So says Helen Clark who is reported in the Dominion Post as saying:

"The Greens have waited a long time to be in Government. Their time is here"

So if Labour wins it wants to a dart to the left, a dart to the anti-science, control freak, nanny state loving Green Party. This comes along with Clark's declaration, which we all knew anyway, that NZ First is unlikely to get elected. Along with Peter Dunne hopping off the sinking ship, Labour is stuck to going Green and seducing the Maori Party.

So now you know what a fourth term will mean. One could say that at least Clark has nailed her colours to the mast. That's something I can certainly respect. She is not afraid to declare what she stands for and what she seeks, and I see another Labour term being one which intends to change direction, decisively toward the left even more.

Why shouldn't she, when National is so determined to be the classic conservative party and do virtually nothing to reverse anything she does.

John Key ought to think carefully - if Labour wins is it because it actually, convincingly, believes in something other than simply being in power? Labour believes in nanny state, so do the Greens.

Who is campaigning against this?

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