Tuesday, November 04, 2008

What the Presidential candidates DIDN'T talk about

- China
- Somalia
- Food
- Illegal immigration
- Drug gang violence in Mexico

So says Foreign Policy and it is concerned that there has been so little on these.
In terms of where the candidates stand:

Virtually no difference on China - both will engage, both concerned about debt owed to China, both concerned about human rights.

Virtually no policy on Somalia - concerning, since it is a failed state, a haven for Islamists, a hell for its residents (you can't be a citizen of a non-existent state), and a location of US intervention disaster from the 1990s, which happened under the Clinton Administration. Yes I know you'd forgotten that. Obama did too.

Big difference on food. Obama supports subsidies for biofuels, McCain opposes them. They are a significant contributor to the increase in food prices. Obama also supports higher agricultural protectionism, McCain opposes it.

Virtually no difference on illegal immigration - Obama wants immigrants to be legal, McCain wants a secure border. Most voters get heated up about this issue, which frankly isn't where McCain is at personally.

Virtually no difference on the war on drugs - Both praised the Mexican government's crackdown on the drugs trade, despite 4,000 lives being lost and the violence growing. As noted in the article, the US government subsidies the Mexican government's war on drugs, and US citizens buy the drugs, and sell the firearms used in the war - on both sides. This policy failure is not something either side will touch - because regardless of the blood spilt, being soft on drugs doesn't win votes.

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