Friday, February 12, 2010

NZ Herald late and lazy on Air NZ's squeeze

The NZ Herald has finally woken up to what has been mentioned by me on January 26 and by others for weeks now - that Air NZ's new economy class cabin will be a tighter squeeze for everyone NOT in a Skycouch.

What appalls me particularly is that the reporter, Grant Bradley, has done NO research whatsoever to check the claims by Air NZ's spokesman, Ed Sims, that "10-seat rows were becoming the industry norm in the new 777s. "Emirates has been operating 10 abreast for many years, as have Air France and KLM."

How hard was it for Grant Bradley to go to website and check that claim?

He could have looked at all of the airlines serving NZ with 777s and found out that Emirates is the only one with a 10 abreast configuration. The others (the links show the seat maps), Korean, Malaysian, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways all have a 9 abreast configuration. How hard was that to check?

How about other operators of the 777? Well we know Emirates and Air France/KLM (which is one airline with two brands) both have 10 abreast seating. Any others?

Aeromexico - 9 abreast
Air Canada - 9 abreast
Air China - 9 abreast
Air India - 9 abreast
Alitalia - 9 abreast
ANA - 9 abreast
American Airlines - 9 abreast
Asiana - 9 abreast
Austrian - 10 abreast
British Airways - 9 abreast
Cathay Pacific - 9 abreast
Continental Airlines - 9 abreast
Delta - 9 abreast
El Al - 9 abreast
Etihad - 9 abreast although reportedly moving to 10
Eva Airways - 9 abreast
Gulf Air - 9 abreast
JAL - 9 abreast
Jet Airways - 9 abreast
Kenya Airways - 9 abreast
Qatar Airways - 9 abreast
Turkish - 9 abreast
United - 9 abreast
V Australia -9 abreast

So Emirates, Air France/KLM and Austrian Airlines, and perhaps Etihad - that's it. How is something becoming the industry norm when out of 30 airlines, 3 are doing it (and a 4th reportedly is)?

Don't ask Grant Bradley at the NZ Herald - he just reports what Air NZ tells him.

The mainstream media wonder why some people think bloggers do a better job than they do?

It isn't hard at times.


Dave Gee said...

Yes your early revelation of this following Air NZ's official launch came as news to me, I hadn't seen it mentioned in any other report. I guess that's why Whale Oil (and others) call them "repeaters" as there's very little actual journalism being done by NZ reporters these days.

オテモヤン said...