Thursday, April 01, 2010

What do you do when you have a record budget deficit?

Go to an election promising to EXPAND the welfare state.

Yes, Gordon Brown has announced he would set up a National Care Service, described as "NHS for elderly care". In other words, he wants taxpayers to pay for everyone who needs it to have resthome care in their declining years.

Great! The budget announced last week is already borrowing an EXTRA £8,000 per household this year to pay for the current bloated UK state sector. Why not borrow more? Gordon Brown will be well retired and not giving a damn when the kids have to pay off the debt he incurred.

Of course the NHS is a model the whole world envies, well rather Michael Moore does, except he doesn't envy it enough to actually LIVE in the UK. The world envies it so much that the model hasn't been adopted anywhere.

After all is it not as if old age is unpredictable and cannot be planned or saved for, especially if the state stops pilfering your income to pay for everyone else in the meantime!


Anonymous said...

Liberty, despite telling me to bugger off and never darken your door way again, I simply have to tell that Doonesbury is currently taking the piss out of the teabaggers. That guy is a class act and of course you would know that he can be read daily in the Dom Post. Ian

Libertyscott said...

Ian, you are always welcome at the doorway if you want to play the ball, not the man. As a matter of fact I enjoy Doonesbury, even if I am not with it politically. The Teabaggers have two elements, one is libertarian, one is hard core conservative conspiracy theorist.

Keep the red flag flying.