21 April 2008

Mike Williams has got to go

According to the NZ Herald, he advocated using taxpayer funded resources to campaign for the Labour Party - in other words he thought it was a "good idea" for the separation between state and governing party to be blurred.
The blogosphere is pulling him apart, David Farrar doing a better job than most.
Helen Clark rejected the idea, it is time for Williams to lie down on the sword and go. He has too many roles in too many government agencies that make his position in ALL of them untenable. This is his record:
- Board member of Transit New Zealand;
- Board member of Ontrack (New Zealand Railways Corporation);
- Board member of Genesis Energy;
- Board member of Auckland Regional Transport Authority;
- Director of the Institute of Geological and Nuclear Sciences Ltd.
It should be beyond question that the President of the governing party should not be advocating a blatantly corrupt practice. He is not fit to be on the board of any government agency, and for good measure should resign as Labour President. Those who question this can't point a finger at Zimbabwe or any other country without being hypocrites.

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