13 January 2009

10 wishes for New Zealand

1. The Families Commission is abolished, Transmission Gully isn't funded and Peter Dunne withdraws support from the government, and nobody really gives a shit. A by-election is held in Ohariu.

2. The ecological agenda is seriously challenged by the new government, with ACT demanding a review of the RMA that causes Nick Smith to be shifted to another portfolio (or ambassador to Pyongyang). The Greens wail and moan, but see support dwindle as the appetite to be taxed more for their pet projects is low.

3. Jim Anderton, Peter Dunne and Michael Cullen all resign, cleaning out Parliament of some 80s flotsam and jetsam.

4. The WTO round is rescued - it matters a fair bit.

5. The Nats fail to get a majority to reverse the burden of proof, set up a DNA database that include the innocent, and focus on sentencing of repeat offenders.

6. The Electoral Finance Act is repealed and not replaced.

7. Nicky Hager's name is no longer mentioned in the media without the suffix, "leftwing activist and Green Party supporter).

8. TVNZ is closed down and its assets sold off in a fire sale. Its pernicious braindead influence on the national culture and psyche is difficult to overestimate. It is like having an 11yo school prefect perpetually telling you what's good for you.

9. National confronts education choice, and finds a way to let parents opt out - completely - of the state school system (and get their taxes back). The measure of success of this will be the degree to which the teachers' unions get upset - the more they get upset, the better the measure is likely to be.

10. The welfare dependency of the underclass is tackled head on and hard. The measure of success of this will be how much the middle class left get upset, and how much is saved in the budget for tax cuts.


Anonymous said...

Where to start - lots of things you don't mention

1. Company tax to 0%; FBT to 0%;
2. Civil service wages cut 50%
3. All contracted wages cut 30% for workers earning less than 100K/pa
4. Sell RadioNZ, TransRail, AirNZ. Abolish the CUllen fund.
5. Tax cuts to be introduced by reducing marginal rate over 100K to zero, then to -ve taxation, rather than at the lower end
6. Unions made financially (and their members individually) liable for all costs they impose on employers. I.e. if a union strikes, each member get sued for the cost to employers. If a union "negotiates" a wage increase, members liable for the cost plus overheads. If a union takes a personal grievance case, its members are liable for the employers legal costs, lost production, and any settlements
7. All state schools privatised immediately: each school is turned into a company, all assets sold on ebay. That's the only way to provide true choice!
8. ditto hospitals
9. all benefits stopped (except war pensions). Yes that includes "National" super. They should have saved. If they didn't they can fucking starve like the bludgers they are.
10.Limit franchise to companies, those with incomes over 150,000 or property worth 2million.

StephenR said...

"The Nats fail to get a majority to reverse the burden of proof, set up a DNA database that include the innocent..."

Looks like you wish for a database that includes the innocent? Might just be me.