17 December 2012

Future of this blog? Updated

So, should I continue this blog?

I've not lived in New Zealand for over seven years, and I am unlikely to return in the near future.  I follow NZ politics less and less, in part because it shows little sign of any intelligent debate in the mainstream media, and it becomes ever more obsessed with personality and image over substance.

I am following what is happening in the UK, and Europe more generally, as well as international affairs.

I have a number of options:

1.  Continue, whimsically, writing about NZ, the UK or whatever, according to what I want to vent about, but being a bit more thoughtful and occasional about what I write.

2.  Give up writing about NZ, and concentrate on the UK, with NZ really only being of importance if it is a major change of long term consequence.

3.  Split the blog into two, with a new one that focuses on the UK (or NZ).

I have a preference for now, which I'd rather not reveal, so I'd appreciate some feedback.  I blog partly to vent, partly to try to influence.

UPDATE:  I have also had the suggestion via email that I shift transport specific posts elsewhere, which I will do regardless.  That is a different project, and is about taking a rational approach to transport policy that is evidence based, and is not based on the subjective sociological velvet glove planning approach to the sector.   The Auckland Transport Blog exists for those who think cars and trucks are bad, railways are good, and that one sector of the economy works best when a small number of people seek to subvert the preferences of the majority.   I don't want to focus on NZ on that, because it is far wider than the current fetish of some for big railways and others for big motorways.


Mark Hubbard said...

Just from my own personal perspective, I love reading your UK and European posts: saves me a lot of reading.

Putting myself in your shoes, I would find writing a blog about NZ in your circumstances very dislocating, to the point of stopping me 'living' where I was living; the UK.

I'll remain reading no matter your decision :)

Noah Carl said...

I'm from the UK, and I like getting as much information from as few blogs as possible, so I'd say option 2.

thor42 said...

Hi -
I've been following your blog more and more over the last few months so I hope you keep it going in one form or another.

I think a "split section" blog (with one part on the UK and one on NZ) could work quite well. Just my 2c worth....

Craig said...

Hi Scott,

I don't comment often, but I'm subscribed to your blog and it's one of my favourite reads.

I really enjoy the depth with which you approach issues and the intelligence behind your writing.

Being from NZ, your posts on the specifics of UK/European politics are often lost on me. For me, it would be a shame for you to write on this alone (#2). But your posts on international events or issues that affect people universally are great.

As for NZ - I agree about the patheticness of politics, media and public discourse/thought there. Unless this improves, it might not be worth a separate blog for NZ (#3).

So my vote is #1 :-)


workingman said...


Post about what makes you happy to blog. It seems to me that apart from a few sites that is difficult to write about 'things' that do not interest them and not give up.

I enjoy your perspective on liberty, and for the last few months have enjoyed all the posts you put up.


Kiwiwit said...

Perhaps you could just continue to write about liberty and its continuing loss - the theme is universal and salient, after all.

Phil said...

I enjoy your occasional NZ posts, so I'd prefer option 1. But will continue reading either way.

Anonymous said...

Being a pom expat in NZ, I'm also in the position of particularly valuing your writing on UK and Europe, but I wouldn't want to see your voice disappear from NZ subjects entirely.

So, focus this blog on the UK and Europe and guest post on NZ over at NotPC?

ben said...

I enjoy your blog as it is Liberty. I think the main thing is you write what you are passionate about and what you know about. I am very grateful that you do what you do.

thor42 said...

Like Mark, I will keep coming here no matter what you decide!

Libertarian blogs are by far the best ones, and this one is part of a good solid "core group" that I read every day - WhaleOil, Not PC, Kiwiblog, Cactus Kate and this one. Keep up the good work!

Barry said...

I like it very much the way it is, thank you. But I do like Kiwiwit's comment and I do agree with it too. Good luck with whatever you do!

Lucia Maria said...

I think it's best to blog about what ever you are interested in, otherwise you end up being a bit of slave to the blog, in my opinion.

homepaddock said...

Your views from a distance give an interesting perspective.

But I second Lucia Maria - it's your blog, write what and when you please.

Anonymous said...

Yes, please continue. This is one of the best written blogs going. You are on the side of freedom, which few people are these days. Whether this is mainly about the UK, North Korea or occasionally about NZ, I don't mind, I will still read.
Jeff W

Tony said...

Your call. I perosnally find the UK politics to be more interesting. As an expat NZ politics tends to be tedious and frustrating.

However the occasional NZ article doesn't hurt the focus.

The insight you have on transport is interesting and it provides a fresh perspective. You could spin this off into a fresh blog but it doesn't hurt here either.

/Sitting on the fence

Tony2 said...

I vote for #1 but do just write about what interests you (I especially love your transport stuff, both NZ and international). I will read and follow you whatever you decide.

Anonymous said...

Liberty. I enjoy your writings, especially on transport matters and the Uk/Euro stuff.

Whichever option you choose, I look forward to continue reading it.