07 October 2013

Wellington local election guide: Capital and Coast District Health Board

Of course I'd abolish it, and there are plenty of candidates for 7 places.

So there needs to be a strategy here.

1.  Avoid evil.  In this case Helene Ritchie, a leftwing harpy who is destructive, and Sue Kedgley (concealing her Green moniker for some reason) deserve to be avoided.

2.  Avoid the less than competent.

3. Avoid rent-seekers from unions or professional monopoly trade associations.

4.  Avoid those who don't understand the role of the DHB. Including those in the sector with apparent axes to grind.

5.  Select the analytically competent.

Aitken: Analytically competent at public sector management.  Centre-left but a safe pair of hands.  Rank 3

Bishop: Unionist who appears to support greater rent-seeking from those employed in the sector, wanting various non-productivity based measures for pay.  "We need to find ways to make the healthcare sector an attractive career".  No "we" don't.  I want the interests of those who pay for healthcare and consume it to be represented.  Don't rank

Brookes:  Another unionist/representative of one of the service providers, in this case nursing.  Another rent-seeker, opposing privatisation (presumably meaning contracting out services that might be done cheaper/better by others), and has endorsement from the racist socialist Mana Movement.  Don't rank.

Carter: Nothing about background.  Profile is grammatically poor.  No evidence of any competency at all. Don't rank.

Chin:  Some will baulk at a Chartered Accountant being on the board, but these are professional skills that should be welcomed.  Has previously worked at CCDHB.  Should be worthy addition to the board.  Rank 1

Choat:  Admits to being Labour.  Admits to focusing on listening to unions and professional trade-associations, rather than consumers.   Appears to want to use the CCDHB as a platform to oppose alleged funding cuts.  Talks of reducing waiting times for doctors, although they are in the private sector.  Don't rank.

Crombie:  A practice nurse, but not representing nurses.  Keen on illness prevention and encouraging vulnerable groups to access primary health care.  Don't rank.

Dunbar:  Business woman, who mainly trumpets her awards and family, and being a strong voice, although not sure what for.  Rank 2

Franklin:  A doctor, who knows the role of the DHB.   Seems keen on community services, and across some of the challenges.  Rank 6

Hayes:  Former public servant and on the Kapiti Coast Older Persons' Council.  Wants to reconnect the community with the Board, wants to do stuff, but unsure if he really knows what the role is.  Don't rank

Hope:  An incumbent, knows the role, trumpets achievements of the CCDHB. Rank 5

Johnson:  Economist whose wife is a senior nurse there. I'd just prefer people who don't have close family working there.  Don't rank

Kedgley:  Control freak, scaremongering hysteria merchant.  Don't rank.

Laidlaw:  Plenty of choice here, no need to make this intellectually lazy socialist responsible for healthcare. Don't rank

Leggett:  The Mayor of Porirua has enough to do, and an obvious interest in a specific geography.  Don't rank

Lipscombe:  Advocates for the disabled,  doesn't advocate for taxpayers or consumers, and is Manager of Economic Development at Porirua City Council (and does not say he will remove himself from that role). Risk of rent-seeking for Porirua and undue influence from influential sister.  Don't rank

Murphy:  Has a couple of potential conflicts of interest, otherwise wouldn't be a bad contributor.  Rank 7

Rikihana:  Was a lawyer for the CCDHB, father is on the Maori Partnership Board.  Says nothing about priorities.  Do not rank.

Ritchie:  Too many reasons to say no.  Ex. Labour Party (I think they are glad to be rid of her).  Her presence in Wellington local body politics has been the archetypal success of empty-headed publicity seeking rabble rousing over competence, intelligence, clear thinking and willingness to being collaborative.  Kedgley is preferable.  Do not rank.

Simpson:  Long standing unionist who was closely connected to the last government.   Do not rank.

Talbot:  He seems competent enough, but having a special interest in the health sector isn't what I want to see.  I have a slight concern he may be more focused on this to the detriment of other areas. Do not rank

Williams:  She seems reasonable, although her qualification in education isn't necessarily what this role needs.  However, she does declare a conflict of interest in that her partner has been employed by the CCDHB.  Sorry that just rules you out.  Do not rank.

Wilson:  You could do much worse, he's reasonably competent and he does use the phrase "financially sustainable" which shows some appreciation that there isn't a bottomless pit of cash. Rank 4

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