Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Today in history - Israel acted admirably

UN Security Council Resolution 487 called on Israel to put its nuclear programme under IAEA safeguards. Israel is not a signatory to the IAEA, nor has it any incentive to be - it is surrounded by enemies to this day. Today in 1981, Israel acted where the world ignored it. France and Italy were supplying Iraq with equipment for it to develop a nuclear reactor - which would have been capable of producing plutonium. Now, Iraq has about as much need for a nuclear reactor for power as Iran does, given its oil reserves.
The Israeli statement condemned the French and Italian sale of equipment to Iraq saying:
"We again call upon them to desist from this horrifying, inhuman deed. Under no circumstances will we allow an enemy to develop weapons of mass destruction against our people."
So Israel bombed Iraq, and destroyed Iraq's nuclear programme in Operation Opera. A wholly moral act of pre-emptive self defence.
Indeed, if only it were as simple against Iran. The BBC carries the video of then Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin explaining why the attack was carried out. The BBC reports that the news about the bombing was released by Israel, Saddam Hussein having been too embarrassed that Israeli fighter jets could penetrate deep into Iraqi territory, destroy a target and return.
Jacques Chirac led the condemnation of this attack – grande merde! What an enormous great parasitical worm.
Iran of course is the next threat - but I am sure that if Israel is ever attacked by an Iranian nuclear weapons - that the George Galloways and the Annette Sykes say it was Israel's fault, and give little regard to the victims. How dare they exist.

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R.Fawkes said...

For once I completely agree with you.

Especially about Chirac, he represents everything that's worst about French foreign policy. he simple waits until America (or Britain) makes their position clear and then does the exact opposite.

If Hitler were around today he Chirac would be leading the French surrender, just to annoy the British.