Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Red Ken must go

Day and Nightmare/mayor of London, Ken Livingstone was reported by the Daily Mail (one of the most scurrilous rags in the UK press) to be supporting the funding of 50th anniversary celebrations of the Cuba communist revolution. This has been rebutted as being untrue by his office, in that Cuba is simply being invited, like other Olympic countries to stage events before or after the Olympics in London. Nothing more.
Which is an enormous relief, except when you see the fawning rubbish put out by Ken in support of the Cuban dictatorship. He claims "'Life expectancy and infant mortality are at levels comparable to far more economically advanced countries." We actually have no idea, because under a communist dictatorship you can't know - the stats are no more reliable than they were in the eastern bloc or North Korea today. He talks of " Fidel Castro is one of the most popular leaders around the world". Funny how Fidel has staunchly refused to put this to the test by allowing the Cuban people to vote for him or alternative candidates in a free and fair election.
"There is no reason why Cuba should be singled out for controversy except for people coming at international issues from a very right wing perspective." Nor Chile under Pinochet Ken, except for those coming to things from a very left wing perspective - or perhaps both from people who believe in freedom of speech and individual liberty, you envy ridden Marxist bully.
Cuba is not a land where you can criticise the government, in fact it means you go to prison or worse. That is what is wrong Ken - no free speech, free press or freedom of assembly or association.
On top of that I received an invitation to this conference which is about challenging the notion that there is a clash of civilisations - part of Ken's warming up to Islamic radicals.
Why can't the Tories find an intelligent candidate to run against him? Or has that candidate already been chased away by New New Labour leader David Cameron.


Kane Bunce said...

Just goes to show politicians can't even be honest to themselves in their own heads let alone aloud to us. They always delude themselves like this.

barry said...

Bagehot in "The Economist" this week [Jan 13-19] has a good piece on Red Ken with his "rainbow" electoral coalition of gays, feminists, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews and secularists, and his current sucking up to Sheikh Yusuf al-Qaradawi, a Muslim theologian.

libertyscott said...

Yes!! Excellent article, shows Ken to be even more odious. Hell, I'd run for Mayor if my accent, lack of profile and funds weren't a barrier!