25 January 2007

Jenny Gibbs can't get broadband?

*heart wails with agony* Who gives a flying f***?
As a friend of Tame Iti, and someone who hardly share the enthusiasm for the free-market and entrepreneurism of her ex.husband, why should Telecom give a damn? After all it has to offer its property to competitors, so why invest in more capacity so the competition can use it?
Gibbs said "When I see the amount of money they are spending on advertising without putting it into infrastructure I do think it is a bit outrageous"
Raise it at the AGM Jenny if you still have shares, if that fails then frankly when I see the amount of money YOU spend on tasteless art and travel without putting it into free market publications and media, I do think it is a bit outrageous.
Set up your own little network, you can afford it after all - stop telling others what to do with their property.


MikeE said...

"She has chosen not to pull any strings in Telecom, believing it to be inappropriate."

Shes not calling for govt intervention, just complaining about shitty service - which is fair enough.

That is pro free market

Libertyscott said...

Maybe so, but she has a record of not being particularly pro free market, as those who know the story of World Service New Zealand will know. That is what motivated me.