Sunday, September 21, 2008

Mbeki steps down - and about time

The blood stained hands of Thabo Mbeki will no longer be landed on the desk of the President of South Africa.

I have blogged enough about this anti-science thug, whose legacy to South Africa is the growing epidemic of HIV - which he once thought was a conspiracy.

He shook the hand of his murdering mate Robert Mugabe, and has done more than anyone outside Zimbabwe to bring that country to its knees, through sheer inertia, cowardice, denial and explicit support for Zanu-PF's thieving murdering kleptocrat bullies.

Good riddance to a very stupid, palpably ignorant, gutless friend of evil.

My posts related to Mbeki here, his appeasement of Mugabe, being a friend of fascism, continuing being an accessory to bloodshed in Zimbabwe, his hypocrisy, his fawning over Mugabe, the pathetic pointless man, his desire for compromise after a stolen election, his recent explicit support for Mugabe, other countries condemning his ambivalence about Mugabe.

So now Jacob Zuma, who is a serial polygamist, with four wives (one who killed herself), three fiances and has bred 18 children, thinks having a shower after sex protects from HIV, will lead South Africa. The only thing that can be said is he has been more critical of Mugabe than Mbeki - small blessings huh?


MacDoctor said...

The only thing that can be said is he has been more critical of Mugabe than Mbeki

Yes. Apparently, Mugabe is not corrupt enough for him...

teh steve said...

Perhaps if one paid more attention to what the SA Constitution has to say on these matters, one would realise that JZ (as we fondly call him) can only become prez after next years election, as only MPs may be considered for interim president.
One could argue too that JZ's being leading SA, as leader of the ANC, as TM (Thabo) was effectively eunuchised after Polokwane.

libertyscott said...

One is aware of this as one did not actually say he would be President.