Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The filthy war on drugs

Will de Cleene blogs on the case of a 92 year old woman killed by the Atlanta Police during a botched drugs raid. So what happened?

- An officer got a "no knock" warrant to enter this woman's house, in other words smash in to the house, based on evidence that he falsified, following a fake tipoff;
- The officers smashed their way into the house, the elderly woman shot her own gun off as a warning shot, because she thought she was suffering a home invasion;
- They then sprayed her with bullets, and left her to die;
- Marijuana was then planted in her basement, to cover up what they did.

Another victim of the war on drugs, a victim of the maniacal attempts at performance quotas for Police to catch "criminals".

However, I guess it's ok to most people, as long as she isn't your mother, grandmother, wife, sister or friend.


Craig said...

In related news, despite putting a bullet clean through the chest of an innocent man, the Auckland AOS member has been forgotten.

If it were a private citizen trying to defend themselves, they'd have been dragged through the courts by now.

Pity there's not one law for all as far as self defence is concerned.

Anonymous said...

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mancing gembira said...

bad police operation.
thanks for the article.