25 February 2009

David Walliams finds cure for depression

His 18 year old girlfriend reports the Daily Mail.

Her name is Lauren Budd, she's a model, they've been going out for a few months, and well, he's happy. No doubt most men will think good on him, lots of women will hate him, but he's having fun, she's having fun. For a man who is clearly troubled, but is funny and is rather well off, who can be too surprised?

I happened to see him in a corner shop in Belsize Park, London a couple of years ago, although was rather furtive. Unsurprising given the stalker he had at the time!


Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

This is my second time being depressed. The first time it somehow went away after going back to school.
Depression seems to only happen when I spend an extended amount of time with family and then I leave them.
I don't really want to go to my parents about this, so what can I do to cure it?

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