Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hell in Swat - the Taliban's province in Pakistan

I wrote a week ago about the appeasement of the Taliban in Pakistan. Now David Khattakis of the Sunday Times is the first British journalist to enter the Taliban controlled zone, and he calls it a wasteland of blood and fear. Read his article, some of what he describes are:

- one can still see the remnants of the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation’s flagship hotel. The building was blown up by the Taliban because it was being used for “un-Islamic activities”;
- The women’s clothes markets are either closed or show banners proclaiming: “Women are banned from entering this market.”;
- Barbers have pasted hand-written posters to their shop fronts saying: “Shaving a beard is unIslamic. We have stopped shaving beards. Please don’t visit the shop for a shave";
- all girls over the age of eight are banned from lessons and, in a symbol of the Taliban’s hatred of learning, the public library in Mingora has been wrecked;
- Snooker clubs and video game arcades have also been banned.

It banned English films on the privately owned cable TV network, then music channels, then any content with music, then content in local languages before finally shutting it down.

The appeasement of the Taliban in Pakistan is deeply disturbing, for it is unlikely to stop there. The vision of a Taliban ruled Pakistan may sound far fetched to some, but so was an Islamist Iran 40 years ago. I dearly hope the Pakistan government is simply preparing itself for a solid invasion and to recapture this territory - and it would be nice if there was broad Western support for this. The Taliban is a despicably evil organisation with stone age philosophy, it's about time that all friends of a liberal modern civilisation declared unerring support for its destruction.

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Richard McGrath said...

Why the silence from feminists about what is happening in Pakistan? The Taliban have no regard whatsoever for the female gender of the species - where are the howls of outrage from the feminazis?