15 August 2009

Guess who likes the cellphone driving ban?

Yes the Queen of prohibition herself. It's not enough though! The harpie of controlling everyone has even said "all mobile phone calls are distracting. She recommends that even drivers with hands-free car kits pull over to take calls.

Thanks Sue, maybe we should pull over when we hear you on the radio? Maybe people walking the streets should stop. Maybe there should be more rules.

Maybe we are all adults who can figure things out for ourselves.

No, it is not because I have no concern for accidents caused by distracted drivers, but rather I'd like people prosecuted for dangerous driving, not endless new little rules that control freak authoritarians just adore to tell people what to do. It's fairly obvious, holding a cellphone while driving over the Rimutaka Hill Road isn't smart, but while stuck in a major traffic jam it wont make a difference.

Oh and she loves 2 degrees demanding that its competitors be regulated as to what they charge it for terminating calls. Always waging war on successful businesses and approving of the subsidised ones, even when they are predominantly foreign owned. Of course she gets it wrong, the campaign isn't about fees to consumers, it is about fees between carriers - and of course, why let businesses in an open market set the charges they want to pay each other when the government can do it for you?

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Brent C said...

Words of wisdom

Do you think Sue should introduce a rule to parliament which states that hosts on the radio cannot ask people to ring up if they are stuck in a traffic jam so others can be informed?