10 January 2014

The posts that didn't make it

I have over 100 blog posts that I didn't finish, that got interrupted, so given my other commitments at this time, I've decided to tidy some of them up and send them out.   The main reason I didn't post them was timing, and I wasn't happy with the content, so they may be shorter than usual (some of you will be pleased). 

Given I have enough for two a week for a whole year and I'll probably cull half of them for good, I expect to send out that many over the next few months, and include a postscript that updates my thinking on the specific issue.


Whaleoil said...

Happy to take some as guest posts for you if that helps.

Libertyscott said...

Thanks, I'm reviewing them in the next week and will send you a few I think might be suitable!