Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grateful for your tax cut?

Lucky little kiwis getting a tax cut, which I admittedly also benefit from.

Now you're meant to be grateful to Dr Cullen and Hel Clark Il for letting you keep a bit more of money that was yours to begin with.

So just think about that. If you hadn't worked, or invested your money wisely, Clark and Cullen wouldn't have had any money to take from you to "invest in the community" or other forms of doggerel Labour MPs go on about.

Don't forget also that if Don Brash hadn't made it an issue in 2005, it wouldn't be such an issue now. Labour nearly lost because of it.

Don't forget that as you take your tax cut back from Cullen's cold hands, he's also wasting your money on:
- Increasing the welfare state by increasing the Working for Families package;
- Making you pay for pensioners who want to travel on urban buses and train, by giving thm free off peak travel;
- boosting National Superannuation.

It was your money in the first place, would you thank a thief who gave you back a little from what he steals from you?


OECD rank 22 kiwi said...

Hard to believe New Zealanders voted for Welfare over Tax Cuts in 2005 but that is exactly what they did.

I voted with my feet after that and got the tax cuts I so rightly deserved by migrating permanently to the UK.

At least New Zealanders can now enjoy the full fruits of that addition Welfare with a nice long recession.

Anonymous said...

what is this site??? was searching a MPs name and it came to this. I cant believe someone spent so long setting up a site to winge such crap. I hate people who complain about tax's. If you don't like the rent find a new apartment. If you don't like tax at all, go live on the moon.

libertyscott said...

Anonymous: What is this comment? I wrote his three years ago and I can't believe someone spent a few minutes writing illiterate airheaded emotions. I hate people who love taxes (learn to spell and use the apostrophe, as much as my taxes paid for you to have a substandard education). If you like funding the government so much, you pay for it - it doesn't need to be compulsory if the world is full of felching fans of the state.

I can buy a place to live and never again pay rent, but I can't get the clawing hands of incompetents (politicians and bureaucrats) away from my income and property so they can other incompetents.