Monday, October 20, 2008

Greens rule out Nats - thankfully

Jeanette Fitzsimons states the obvious, courting the Labour vote, at a time when the Greens look like a party of Nanny State loving control freaks. The Greens clearly feel confident that they can play a strong role with Labour, as it is highly likely neither NZ First nor United Future would be adequate to give Labour a majority after the election.

The NZ Herald report says the Greens said "both major parties scored poorly on genetic engineering and food safety issues." Thankfully again, as the Greens are on the wacko fringe on both, obsessed with opposing GE, and obsessed with food safety (but not if it is organic).
"National did worse than Labour on climate change, energy efficiency and road building." Again, thankfully. Though I see little difference in all of those, notice road building is bad, not poor quality transport spending. The Greens are experts at that.

Take the most twisted perverted version of the truth the Greens have in saying National supported to "change the legislation in order to make sure NZ homes stay cold and damp".

Yes! Stupid me, you are no longer allowed to pay to insulate your own home. In the Green world of state socialism, only the government can make sure your home is cold and damp.

Complete nonsense!

More ominously the Greens see a lot in common with the Maori Party "and would consider negotiating as a bloc if that was something the other party wanted." Given Maori give precious little support to the Greens, I'd have thought there was little point in the Maori Party supporting this and being tied to Labour.

John Key warned people to be "very cautious of that arrangement because that means Helen Clark is going to be prepared to sell your jobs down the river and economic growth is going to go on the backburner" which is putting it mildly.

Of course I'm glad Jeanette Fitzsimons has ruled out giving confidence and supply to National, National wasn't going to rule out governing with the Greens after all!

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