Thursday, October 16, 2008

Key cuts to bureaucracy?

Hmmm it swings all over the place doesn't it - National policy I mean. One week government spending cuts aren't going to happen, and now the NZ Herald states "National would ask state sector bosses to find savings in their departments" and John Key "would call state sector chief executives in to talk with him after the election and ask them for a "line by line" of their expenditure with an aim to make savings."It's very important that we get value for money because that's what New Zealanders are being forced to do around their kitchen tables every day,""

Great stuff! Just what is needed, in fact not dissimilar to what I recommended a while ago. Get every departmental head to justify its existence and budget, and cut projects.

You know it is good policy because one of the biggest advocates of making you pay for people who don't actually produce anything you want to pay for growing bureaucracy, the PSA, is bleeting utter nonsense "If people lose their jobs because of the crisis, they will need support from public services to ensure they can feed their families and to try and get them back into the workforce".

Excuse me? If you lose your job, it is important that we continue to tax you on what you earn, invested and buy so that we can give you help you weren't willing to pay for in the first place? Besides that - how many policy advisors help people feed their families?

No, the PSA should shut up and be accountable to the people who pay their wages - they are called taxpayers, and if they vote for a change in government one reason will be because they are fed up with the PSA thinking taxpayers can be milked endlessly to pay for their jobs.

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Madeleine said...

If we do vote for a change in government one wonders how much of a change we will get?

Its just so frustrating that in order for National to get anywhere they have to look like a slightly improved version of Labour.

Its so hard to pin fault on any one source - National should actually have policy in accord with their stated policies instead of being labour-lite - but then would they win? Voters should drop the socialist mindset - but they don't know any other way.

Our whole culture is screwed? How do you undo it? We are a libertarian/classical liberal family and always have been yet our daughter, about to head to Uni got momentarily excited when she heard Labour's election bribe about increasing the income testing level for student allowance. I had to tell her off and set her straight, she can live at home and we'll provide for her and if she wants spending money she can pick up part-time work. She is not a product of state education, she is home schooled, and we have never subscribed to that ideal - the socialism disease is so rampant you can't keep it out of your home unless you move to the wops and cease communication with the outside world!