Thursday, February 12, 2009

Britain bans anti-Islam Dutch MP

Today according to CNN, Dutch citizen and MP Geert Wilders was stopped from entering the UK at Heathrow Airport. Why? Because the UK government thinks a man who simply states he hates Islam (not Muslims), and that he wants an end to Muslim immigration to the Netherlands is spreading "hate".

Jacqui Smith, Home Secretary said his opinions "would threaten community security and therefore public security" in the UK according to the Daily Telegraph.

Since when do opinions threaten community security? That's the language that you hear from North Korea, China, Burma, Iran or Saudi Arabia.

What fucking country is this Jacqui Smith? Since when are YOU the arbiter of "opinions"? Oh and how do you cope with the thousands of Islamists in the country? How do you control yourself with the BNP? No - a Dutchman who criticises a religion is fair game.

Wilders was entering the UK (bear in mind that there is meant to be freedom of movement within the EU) to promote his film - Fitna, which criticises Islam.

So apparently, you can't enter the UK if you criticise a religion?

Ah but isn't Wilders some racist fascist? From the far right? No. Put down the Guardian (which calls him far right) and stop believing the nonsense that everyone who isn't a leftwing post-modernist "all opinions are valid" halfwit is a fascist. Wilders is closer to being libertarian.

Wikipedia has his political platform, which is essentially shrink the state, tough on crime and migration. He also wants to ban additional Muslim migrants and have the state pay for existing ones to leave (though not forcibly deport).

He has, of course, upset a lot of Muslims. While he appears libertarian, calling for banning the Koran erodes that, but he notes that Mein Kampf is banned and he treats the Koran as similar. However, he is clear that he hates Islam, NOT Muslims. He says the Koran contains terrible things, is a fascist book that incites hatred and that Mohammed would today be hunted down as a terrorist (let alone a pedophile).

So yes he is radical, and no I don’t agree with all his policies. However, he is no fascist, he is not promoting hate of people, he is promoting hatred of a religion – and one that is entirely justified.

As usual, Muslims in Britain are getting offended by his views. Which is their right, and tough. Live with it. Britain was a free country, where people can express openly opinions on politics and religion, and put up with whether or not it offends others. I'm an atheist, I find there is something in all religions I know that I despise, and I'd rather children were not raised under any religion. In a free society I can have that view and people can agree, disagree, be offended or ignore it.

There is NO evidence that he would incite violence against Muslims, NO evidence that he would incite hatred through hating Islam. It is like saying that hating the North Korean government means hating Koreans, or hating the Chinese government is anti-Chinese.

Wilders describes Gordon Brown "Europe's biggest coward". He's right.

Freedom has slipped back another notch in the UK today. If you wanted further proof that the Gordon Brown Labour government is uninterested in defending the values of this country from the fear and hatred spread by Islamists, you can see it plain and simple.

And sadly, it just adds fuel to the likes of the British National Party – a party of explicit bigotry, racism and knuckle dragging losers – who will ask why Islamists are appeased, but those vehemently against them are banned.

UPDATE: Chris Huhne, Liberal Democrat MP has proven clearly that the Lib Dems are no party of freedom. Brainless git.


Anonymous said...

And sadly, it just adds fuel to the likes of the British National Party – a party of explicit bigotry, racism and knuckle dragging losers – who will ask why Islamists are appeased, but those vehemently against them are banned.

When will you people give us one or two examples of this racism, and knuckle dragging, (whatever that means), because:-
All men lose when freedom fails,
The best men land in filthy jails,
And those who called appease, appease,
Are hung by those they tried to please.

Libertyscott said...

Yes of course, the BNP leadership is known for its embracing of individualism, and respect of people regardless of their origins. I mean born of disaffected members of the National Front, the neo-Nazi club once led by a man who lived with his parents in his 40s.

How about the BNP promoting the rights of the indigenous people of Britain, but then saying that "All ex-pat ‘Brits’ and those of closely kindred European stock are welcome as members wherever you live in the world".

Ah so Germans, Danes, Swedes, Dutch, French then, but I bet not Greeks or Romanians. Yeah, not racist - don't forget the Holocaust was a myth, and Jews, you can't trust them right?

How about Nick Griffin, party leader, in 1996 denying the Holocaust in his own publication? Yes he has backtracked, because of the bad publicity. 2002 BNP Youth Leader Mark Collett admired Hitler while thinking he was off camera.

The BNP has a veneer of respectability, but is a party of nationalism and socialism, as shown by its braindead approach to healthcare, the economy, trade policy and the environment, among others.

Britain will never be defended by a party that is economically illiterate, intellectually at the level of the working class yob in the pub, and which is mostly populated by the less than successful members of society. The reaction to the candidacy of Sharif Abdel Gawad by the rank and file demonstrates how the BNP is largely a party of knuckle dragging underachieving bigots.