Monday, September 28, 2009

As one sex offender finally is caught...

Like Not PC, I'm not really giving a damn about Roman Polanski finally getting caught. His achievements do not exonerate the predatory and violent treatment of a vulnerable young girl. These reports PC posted tell enough.

However, I am more concerned about this story, thanks also to Not PC. It essentially is the criminalisation of dozens upon dozens of teenage boys in the USA, for having sex, consensual factually (if not legally) with their girlfriend. The age difference is insignificant, but they are not only criminals, but registered sex offenders for life, with their names, faces, addresses constantly updated. In effect, they now have a life sentence of being unable to gain employment, or even find somewhere to live without harassment.

This is the consequence of a draconian blind war on sex crimes. The result is that the biggest victim isn't the girlfriend, but the "offender" who has, by and large, offended the precious feelings of the callous puritans.

It is a result Iran and the Taliban would sympathise about. It is a result warmly embraced by the Republicans and the Democrats.

Oh and in case you think New Zealand is immune from this, remember the hysteria from compassionate conservatives when Labour tried to amend the law to stop silly prosecutions of teenagers for fooling around with each other? Of course it couldn't do it.


ZenTiger said...

IMHO, consensual sex between two similar (under)aged people should not be a criminal offense. It is a matter for parents and those concerned, not the State.

I strongly support the law where adults (over 18) must not engage in consensual sex with those under a particular age, perhaps 16.

Where there is a position of authority (student-teacher; doctor-patient) then the penalties should be even stronger.

This is what we are discussing on your other thread about the school teacher. I suspect we are actually on agreement on other aspects of that case - just hadn't got around to mentioning them :-)

The "sex offender" register for some of these cases is entirely inappropriate.

libertyscott said...

Yes, by and large agree, although "position of authority" should add a civil dimension related to employment and status as a professional.

I doubt whether sex offender registers make sense, I would simply prefer people consent to Police checks for certain jobs identified by employers. Violence is as important as sex crimes, indeed fraud and theft are far from unimportant.