17 September 2009

So you voted National for this?

What's a Maori home? Who knows? How will this be proven? Are the homes already identified by the Maori Party?

Which political party, besides the obvious, will stand up and call it racist?

and you thought that with Maori race based seats for the Auckland mega council dismissed, you wouldn't get more race based government with this lot.

So ask yourself, did Labour ever sell out its principles for the Alliance/Progressives, Greens, United Future or NZ First so quickly and so blatantly?

So if your poor and of European, Asian or Pacific Island ethnicity, why don't you get the same treatment? Or can non-Maori taxpayers get a bit of a refund?

Oh and I can't wait to hear ACT's response, Labour wont know what to say, although I'm sure the Greens will think it is a welcome initiative.


Richard McGrath said...

Scott, that sounds like a good slogan for the next election campaign:


Anonymous said...

In fact these things like insulation for Maori homes are pennies and halfpennies. For insulation and the right to fly a flag Maori have had a ring put through its collective nose and are now at Nationals beck and call. Must be a record of some sort.