18 September 2009

EU votes to increase CO2 emissions

Bastards. Propping up their inefficient and environmentally unfriendly dairy sector.

Poor little diddums EU dairy farmers are going to get £15,000 each paid for by me and other taxpayers, because they can't cope that demand for their products has dropped and commodity prices have dropped.

CO2 emissions? Yes, well Lincoln University had a study (since removed from its website) claiming that even with the effects of shipping, dairy products from NZ produced half the CO2 emissions per tonne compared to UK farms (which are typically more efficient than many continental farms).

So really, shouldn't the EU have the fingered pointed at it when it starts telling others what to do? On trade, the environment and helping developing countries?


homepaddock said...

That Lincoln report is here: http://www.lincoln.ac.nz/story21175.html

homepaddock said...

Britain’s Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs ( DEFRA) also debunked food miles as a measure of sustainability: https://statistics.defra.gov.uk/esg/reports/foodmiles/final.pdf

Lucy said...

So that is where the money is going. Shit Shit Shit.