19 September 2009

What's wrong with US politics

David Walker, in The Wall Street Journal says:

"Members of Congress ensure they have gerrymandered seats where they pick the voters rather than the voters picking them and then they pass out money to special interests who then make sure they have so much money that no one can easily challenge them,"

"He notes that today the role of the federal government has grown such that last year less than 40% of it related to the key roles the Founders envisioned for it: defense, foreign policy, the courts and other basic functions. "What happened to the Founders' intent that all roles not expressly reserved to the federal government belong to the states, and ultimately the people?" he asks. "I'm pleased the recent town halls show people are waking up and realizing it's time to pay attention to first principles."

Who is he?

"He rose to be a partner and global managing director of Arthur Anderson, before being named assistant secretary of labor for pensions and benefits during the Reagan administration. Under the first President Bush, he served as a trustee for Social Security and Medicare, an experience that convinced him both programs are looming train wrecks that could bankrupt the country. In 1998 he was appointed by President Bill Clinton to head the GAO, where he spent the next decade issuing reports trying to stem waste, fraud and abuse in government. Despite many successes, he was able to make only limited progress in reforming Washington's tangled bookkeeping. When he arrived he was told the Pentagon was nearly a decade away from having a clean audit, or clear evidence that its financial statements were accurate. When he left in 2008, he was told the Pentagon was still a decade away from that goal. "If the federal government was a private corporation, its stock would plummet and shareholders would bring in new management and directors," he said as he retired from the GAO."

Oh and he hasn't noticed any change he can believe in since the election of Barack Obama.

"He says his stimulus bill was sold as something it wasn't: "A number of people had agendas other than stimulus, and they shaped the package."

However, I guess since he's criticising the Obama Administration, he's racist, is that right ex.President Carter?


Anonymous said...

You may be interested in this article : http://www.kiwipolitico.com/2009/09/jimmy-carter-is-right/

Racism plays a huge part in opposition to Obama. Thankfully you haven't supported such nutters as Glenn Beck (he is certainly insane - and his mother was a schizophrenic who took her own life).

I recommend this blog to friends as the only *genuine* libertarian one - keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

What's wrong with US politics: 2.3 Million people protests and those protests were ignored by the government and the MSM.

Those 2.3 valiant citizens didn't bring guns this time - but will the next time. That's what's RIGHT about American politics! and the big difference between US and NZ politics

Sus said...

I've never thought much of the person who runs with the hares and hunts with the hounds ...

But back to Obama: I caught the tail-end of his interview with Letterman on Prime last night.

He was vehemently defending his healthcare programme, citing in its defence the initial opposition, prior to the eventual public acceptance, of Medicare & Social Security.

He was also adamant that his universal healthcare programme wasn't 'socialist' in essence.

Just as the numerous fiscal stimulus packages weren't either, eh.

Sus said...

Well, if Jimmy Carter's "right", Ruth, Bill Clinton must be "wrong" when he recently said (and I'm paraphrasing) ..

"Those opposed to Obama's universal healthcare plan aren't opposed to it because of his colour; they're the same ones who were opposed to it when *I* promoted it."