29 November 2005

Child Poverty Inaction Group does nothing for poverty

I see the Human Wrongs Commissariat is saying that the leftwing lobby group Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) can take the government to court for “discriminating” against people who make their living from money earnt by others that the governments hands out to them for nothing after confiscating it from them – commonly called welfare. Lindsay Mitchell gives a good summary as to why this case is nonsense on Scoop.

CPAG is an utterly useless organisation. I doubt that any other organisation in New Zealand that claims concern about child poverty does so little for it. Why? CPAG has never ever houses, fed, clothed or provide any material assistance for a single child in poverty in New Zealand – or if it has, it doesn’t say so. You see according to its website CPAG exists to “promote better policies for children and young people, and to promote awareness of the causes and consequences of child poverty”

So how many kids has it saved from poverty? None. You see it “CPAG publishes reports, makes submissions and conducts small-scale research projects to achieve its goals.” Big fucking deal. I am sure the families in Cannons Creek, Kaikohe, Manukau and Sydenham are thrilled that the submissions are made while they struggle to make ends meet. Do they offer a spare room in their houses for the poor? Like hell they do! However they “care”.

CPAG doesn’t actually DO anything about poverty– it is largely a bunch of academics on salaries well above the average wage, who instead of running soup kitchens, providing emergency housing, providing clothing or food for children, sit on their arses and lobby government to “do” something, when they themselves do absolutely-fucking nothing. Yes, I am sure some members of CPAG do work in the welfare sector and do help, which I acknowledge, as these are individuals – but CPAG itself is not a charity, it is out to get more of your money, by force, so YOU can be forced to “care” through the state welfare system.

Caring isn’t it?

See CPAG sees beneficiaries as no different from anyone else. The productive people who work hard for their employers or own and operate their own businesses, using their time, effort and money to sustain themselves and their families, and then have between 20 and 40%+ of what they produce taken by the state for the Unproductive are no BETTER than those who receive money for nothing more than the fact they can breed and don’t have a job.

Beneficiaries are owed NOTHING by the rest of us. Many New Zealanders spend 1-2 days a week working entirely for the state, a lot of that money going to fund beneficiaries – while so many jobs go unfilled. You know the sickness beneficiaries who commit crimes? Yes them too. I know this will be seen as beneficiary bashing, but how many times do you hear beneficiaries being grateful that the rest of us pay for them to live? Sometimes yes, those who are on it short term, but long term parasites (that IS what they are) are not grateful.

I have an answer for CPAG as to why child poverty happens, so they can end their mindless research:

1. People breed without thinking about it. They fuck (I’m not being crude, this is the language most use) without contraception and don’t care what happens. They are unwilling to take on the responsibility of raising another human being, so force the rest of us to do so. This is not anyone else’s fault, it is THEIR fault. The mother and father should sustain the family or not have unprotected sex – and if that doesn’t work, adopt out the child. In this case the poverty exists because the parents were IRRESPONSIBLE.

2. Some people lose their jobs. This is a fact of free capitalist society, because jobs are created by entrepreneurs – these are rather special people who instead of waiting for other people to pay them, use their own minds, efforts and money to risk to create wealth. Entrepreneurs are the heroes of our civilisation, without them we’d all be poor (see North Korea, Burma et al). Entrepreneurs hire employees to performs tasks for them, and pay them in kind. Sometimes the business doesn’t need those employees, and they get given redundancy. Sometimes the employees don’t perform well, and they are terminated. If they have a family, then it is bad luck – and unfortunately in our society, few take out income insurance, because they believe the state will support them (i.e. productive taxpayers). If the economy is flourishing and the barriers to employing people are low, then anyone losing their job will find another.

3. Some people are stupid. They can’t hold down a job, wont work, are lazy, throw their money away on gambling, alcohol, drugs or whatever. These people will always exist and are typically irresponsible, and thoughtless. In the past these people used to be killed or left to die because of their stupidity, now they get welfare. They produce kids who are often as stupid as they are – people without books at home, who can barely function as independent human beings aren’t good parents.

4. Some people have bad luck. Whether it is accident, crime, natural disaster or other events, it leaves them destitute. This is life.

Poverty is not the fault of entrepreneurs, other employees or people able to look after their lives – it is, more often than not, either the result of a series of events or the fault of the person who is poor. The person best equipped to fix this is the person who is poor, and with charities, many do. CPAG isn’t a charity, it does nothing for the poor and I wish the government well in this ridiculous court case designed to boost welfare. Shame on the Greens and the Maori Party for supporting this pointless action.
and this is yet another reason to abolish another organisation of well paid unproductive parasites - the Human Rights Commission - a bunch of bureaucratic politically-correct busybodies, who pontificate about how others aren't being "fair" while they live off the back of everyone else. It is nice to see a Labour Government reaping the results of its support of that useless body.


Little Girl in a Black Apron said...

make poverty history

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CPAG does nothing for THAT cause.