28 November 2005

Pro-market TVNZ?

Cathy Odgers gives a tremendous example of how Alan Gibbs would be a better owner of TVNZ than Nanny State. Lefty free TVNZ would provide enormous balance against TV3’s favourite leftist – John “I voted Alliance” Campbell.

Back in the halcyon days of free market broadcasting, World Service New Zealand and the late lamented Radio Liberty were shining lights in the wilderness of NZ broadcasting. Perigo’s breakfast show, Coddington’s 9 till noon show and a series of pro-business shows in the afternoons, with umpteen promos, were supportive of enterprise, wealth creation and anti-government.

For those leftists who felt oppressed (despite having a taxpayer funded compulsory pay radio station called National Radio espousing their views), every Sunday saw every political party getting a slot to broadcast. The Labour Party invariably chose Chris Carter to spend an hour on air playing songs, talking politics and taking talkback calls – unfortunately too many political parties took up the offer and it became very boring radio – most politicians are not that entertaining for that long.

Unfortunately most TV reporters (NOT journalists – journalists apply their minds to an event and have skill, reporters say what is on the screen) are died in the wool lefties who think that the left is caring – largely because they spend their lives telling people the achievements of others. Their egoes are based on being on TV, not on actually producing or achieving anything beyond that – the vapid bitch who does BBC London news said that stock and currency traders do basically nothing useful compared to bureaucrats – given that a machine could do her job and she is funded from compulsory pay TV tax - I hope her pension manager gives up in protest and tells her to manage her investments.

Anyway, TVNZ should be sold, then we wont be pretending it is objective, or caring if it is not – then the owner will determine the bias. The big UK papers do this wonderfully – you know what you are getting with the Telegraph, Times, Guardian and the Independent, two papers on the right and two on the left. With the Sun you know you’re getting something, as long as it has tits!

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