29 November 2005

Green Party Promoting More State Violence: Example 1

A few days ago I said I would post everything the Green Party states which claims to be the party of peace and non-violence, advocates state violence. Here is my first example.

Sue Kedgley's vituperative response to the government NOT forcing food producers to including country of origin labelling shows the Green Party's belief in using state violence against producers. This is my example number 1 of the Green Party belief in state violence.

She is full of angry nonsense in saying that by not forcing such labelling on food, the government is denying information for consumers. The opposite of compulsion isn't a ban Sue, even though those are the only two policies you ever seem to call for!

You see Sue food producers own what they produce. They sell what they produce to a willing buyer, who chooses whether or not to pay for it. If the buyer thinks the labelling is insufficient to make a choice, the buyer might not buy it, or could complain about it, which is a matter between the buyer and seller, not the government and not some little upstart jackbooted busybody like Sue Kedgley. There is no violence in letting buyers and sellers decide what to do.

If we adopted Sue's philosophy, then grandma selling her jars of jam at the local school fair would need a label or is that ok? What if many of her ingredients were bought in a recent holiday from the USA?

So why is this state violence? Simple. If the Greens had their way, there would be mandatory labelling of all food for the country of origin. Failure to do this would be an offence, and there would be a fine, so someone who produced something from their own effort would have force initiated against them because the Greens want a certain label on the item.

Not because of consumer pressure, not because the producer thinks it would increase sales, but because the state threatens you if you don't do it. That is state violence. I doesn't matter that Australia and the EU do it - it is still Green advocacy for state violence.

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