26 November 2007

A seed planted in Australian politics perhaps?

Silly me, freedom loving Australians did have an option to vote for, well in some electorates.
47 electorates had candidates for the Liberty & Democracy Party, a party that looks somewhere between ACT and Libertarianz. On top of that, LDP stood for the Senate, where there is always a far higher chance of smaller parties holding representation. In fact, all minor party Senators will be needed by Labor to get legislation through the Senate in this term.
This is the first time the party has stood for the federal elections nationwide (previously it only stood in ACT). So how did it go?
Well for a first time standing, for House of Representatives candidates, it got 0.1% of first preferences, actually about half of the votes of the redneck bigots at One Nation. Not too shabby when so much attention is given to the big two parties and a bit less to the Greens and Democrats.
For the Senate it did slightly better, with:
0.23% in ACT (the capital votes for freedom?)
0.21% in NSW
0.1% in Vic, WA and Tas
0.16% in QLD
0.12% in SA

More detailed results on Labor Party Broadcasting, I mean ABC's website here.

So, I'm hoping after this early start that the LDP in Australia can grow bigger and better. Under Labor, and with the Liberal Party in disarray, Australia could do with a decent third party of freedom as a foil to the Greens.

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