28 November 2007

So when does my biased report become news?

New Zealand Herald reports "Wellington law researcher Moana Jackson has repeated a poll he did of 2000 Maori people in 1988 which found that Maori ranked the police 20th out of 20 occupations, and found that earlier this year the police had climbed to 11th out of 20."
Ignoring that Moana Jackson is an extreme leftwing ethnonationalist activist who believes that Maori should have a separate judicial system, no doubt even if they commit crimes against non-Maori.
After all he also said "Mr Jackson restated his 1988 analysis that high Maori crime rates could not be blamed solely on immediate factors such as poverty or dysfunctional families, but could be traced back to 167 years of dispossession and marginalisation. "If you are dispossessed, if your land is taken, if your power is denied, if your right to say things in your own way and to make sense of the world in ways that are unique to you and your history are taken away," he said, "then you are oppressed.""
It's not our fault we bash our kids, it's cuz we were, I mean are like oppressed eh man? I mean we aint allowed to say things in our own way or make sense of the world in our own way - it's rong bro, just rong. No wonder we bash our kids.
In a separate report, parking wardens undertook a poll proving that they are very popular people, who perform a task that is genuinely respected and admired, but that most of the public think they are underpaid. North Korea undertook a poll proving that Americans are the most hated people in North Korea because of the imperialist murderous tyranny they run in South Korea.


Anonymous said...

Go Moana Jackson you are saying what we have always believed. It doesnt surprise me that those who stole from Maori are taking the position they are taking because they have benefited from the inter generational theft.I think today they call it recieving stolen goods.

Libertyscott said...

Go on, who stole? Present the evidence, get them charged. I've never supported theft.

Precisely how did my post-war migrant parents benefit from this? Care to say how China, whose billion odd people had property rights destroyed, is now thriving having only gained these rights again in the last 20 or so years? How about how the average person in Hong Kong is wealthier than the average Maori, yet few actually own land at all? Maybe it's because wealth is created by the mind.

Of course not, let's all live in the past and pine for what our ancestors lost and fight the current innocent generation for it. Look at the rivers of blood caused by this attitude.

Gives you an excuse to bash your kids too doesn't it?