12 November 2007

Woman dies due to lack of reason

Stone age beliefs have killed Janet Moses. It is believed she drowned as people tried to remove a Maori"curse".
The dark ages are still here, and as Stuff reports, Dr. Hone Kaa is a part of this by saying ""It's a very difficult process," he said. "I'm personally very wary of removing them." He said while water was often used to cleanse the victim: "I've never heard of great gallons being used".
Kaa said there could be a physical element to the removal. "You may have to hold the person down because the spirit may fight within the person to stay, so you need others around you to restrain them."
Or maybe you could leave someone alone and not assault them in the process, which is what this is really saying. Or how about simply recognising that this is all witchcraft and nonsense.


Rick said...


That's my comment.

Richard said...

Yes, stone age beliefs killed Janet Moses... not lack of reason. As the great philosopher David Hume said, "'Tis not contrary to reason to prefer the destruction of the whole world to the scratching of my finger. 'Tis not contrary to reason for me to choose my total ruin..."