01 February 2011

Where is Facebook not used?

Look at this map, showing Facebook connections.

Well there are three reasons for big dark areas:

1.  Nobody lives there (vast tracts of the Amazon, Sahara, Arctic Circle, Siberia, majority of Australia but notice how Greenland is still connected despite a population of well under 1 million);
2.  Few can afford it (mountains of South America, central and west Africa, and the lower density in some areas);

but there is a third reason...

Look at China, no lack of people, no lack of people who can afford it, but it's a blank.  In fact look at the Middle East, except the shining lights from Egypt through Israel, Jordan and Lebanon.  Beacons in the oil rich Qatar, Bahrain and UAE.  Not Syria, Saudi, Yemen, Libya and little Iran.  Yet Vietnam has some, and we can see free China in the form of Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau against the near devoid lack of mainland connections.  South Korea vs North Korea is too obvious to point out.  Indonesia and Malaysia are wonderfully well connected.

Speaks far more of freedom than many indicators.


scrubone said...

Hm, one could wonder why ebay hasn't taken off in NZ - it's because someone else got their first.

Are you sure that's not a valid explanation?

Libertyscott said...

It is for Ebay yes.

StephenR said...

I know China has in place of Facebook 'Renren' and 'Kaixin'...but presumably both of these are censored or monitored by the government too.

Pervach said...

Now show a map of QQ connections, and interpret it in the same way.