23 February 2011

A country united except for... (UPDATED)

two things that I have seen.

First are the looters.  "Inevitable" one may say, scum most would say.  Rats who demonstrate how damned useful it would be for people to have adequate means of self defence to deter and deal to those low lives who want to pillage those who have lost.   May the justice system do what it must and may your find your fellow inmates treat you as they tend to treat child abusers, for those are the few who wallow in the sewer beneath you.

Second is The Standard blog.  At a time when politics should be a distant second to compassion, concern, assistance and the ongoing spontaneous expression of human benevolence at times like this, it hosts a thread that is a barely concealed political statement called "In Praise of the Bureaucracy" claiming that people say emergency services staff are "often described collectively as a block to progress".   The earthquake is a chance for the Standard to celebrate bureaucracy, celebrate an idea, not the people who together have made this tragedy far less traumatic than it would have been.  It would be too easy to note that the people who have helped are from many backgrounds, and the Standard could simply have noted the bravery and hard work of all people who have helped from the police to ambulance, fire, civil defence, military and health professionals.  Who thinks this is a chance to score points?

"Hey hobbit, if you’re reading – this is what you pay your taxes for. And if you and your family are incredibly lucky in your lives, you may never meet nor need any of these selfless people and the limit of your involvement will be to occasionally stick your hand in your pocket."

A boot laid into the private sector, claiming they are mean spirited and helpless (those whose mobile phone networks are being used?):
"The champions of industry are helpless in these situations and they are eternally grateful for the skills of the emergency services and systems that are in place. However, they have an inordinate amount of influence when it comes to the negotiating remuneration for todays public service heroes and you can bet they will not be backward in suggesting a tight rein on any rewards."

A semi-illiterate beat up of Rodney Hide with a lie,  whilst glorifying the student union:

"i see the Canterbury Uni students assoc are lining up to move in and assist again.
Good thing they are still around before scum Hyde has shut them down

"a good solid and effective public service was always the backbone of New Zealands society and employment scene – that is until the neo-liberal dark lords of the sith fucked it over and reduced it to a shadow of its former self... Johnny, Maxie, floosie and Bronagh can bugger off to Hawaii and then wait to go to the UK for the wedding … i mean shit happens – but hey i’ve got shitloads of money and the polls say people love me"

Of course if John Key didn't go there, he'd be accused of not caring, if he goes he is politicking.  Not that Helen Clark would have faced such damnation.

I can only agree with Sonny Blount's comment:

"This thread is the lowest class thing I have seen in NZ in the last 24 hours.
Short of the looters."


Especially when so many wait to hear of who are those crushed to death.

UPDATE:  The Greens have joined in.  What do they see it as?  A chance for a new tax on who they think are "rich" to "pay for the damage".   Nice.  An earthquake means all earning over NZ$41,000 should pay a levy.  The appropriate response to that is "fuck off you state obsessed bastards, people are mourning, put politics and your new taxes away". 



Absolutely disgusting.
If Liabour has any sense, it will disown this blog.

Keeping Stock said...

It's an absolute disgrace LS. The fact the the Standard's moderators have not censored those comments suggests that they condone and endorse them. It does no credit on the authors of the blog, or the ideology they espouse.